Dissident women beaten and stripped naked, dozens of protesters arrested this Sunday by U.S.-backed apartheid regime in Cuba

Cuban dissident women beaten and stripped naked, sent home with only their pants.

State Security thugs of the U.S.-backed apartheid Castro dictatorship in Cuba unleashed a vicious wave of brutal repression against dissidents on the island again this Sunday. In Santiago de Cuba, three dissident women were brutally beaten, stripped naked, and then sent home with only the pants they were wearing when they were apprehended. The female dissidents, members of the Arco Progresista opposition movement, were on their way to attend church services yesterday when they were accosted.

Martí Noticias has the full report (in Spanish) HERE.


In Havana and Matanzas, more than 40 dissidents, including members of the peaceful dissident group the Ladies in White were also violently arrested by State Security agents. Many of the dissidents were trying to attend church services and attempting to carryout their peaceful weekly Sunday protest march demanding the release of political prisoners in Cuba. However, as they have done every week over the preceding months, the apartheid Castro dictatorship has launched major surveillance operations days in advance to intercept the peaceful dissidents, violently beat them, and take them into custody.

Diario de Cuba has that report (in Spanish) HERE.

Nevertheless, as the Castro dictatorship continues its reign of terror against human rights and democracy activists, the Obama administration stands by its policy of supporting and backing the apartheid regime while ignoring the plight and courageous struggle for freedom being carried out by Cuba’s brave dissidents.