King Raul and his puppet Maduro blame U.S.A. for all their problems

Puppetmaster and his puppet at Despots’ Summit

So, what else is new?

At the Summit of All Despots and Enemies of the United States (Summit of Non-Aligned Nations),  King Raul and his puppet Nicolas Maduro blamed the U.S.A.  for ALL of the problems in Cubazuela.

King Raul denounced the U.S.A. for its “subversive and interventionist” programs and made it clear that the Normalization Circus has changed absolutely nothing, and that his kingdom of Castrogonia will “never renounce even one of its principles” or “make concessions about its sovereignty and independence.”

The Cuban monarch demanded that the U.S. cease its bullying — which, as he put it, “conspires against the normalization of bilateral relations”– and, on top of that, also called once again for the lifting of the “blockade” and the surrender of Guantanamo naval base.

Meanwhile, Venenozuelan Puppet-in-Chief  Maduro attributed the economic meltdown of his failed Castro colony to a U.S.-led “imperialist offensive.”

Ay…..  What about those hope & change stories about “normalization” and the “thaw” and so on, ad nauseam?

Good luck finding any reports or commentary about King Raul’s remarks in English-language news media.

Get the full story in Spanish at Marti Noticias

No normalization for you… you bully!


3 thoughts on “King Raul and his puppet Maduro blame U.S.A. for all their problems”

  1. The longstanding Latrine infatuation with the shitty third world failure that is Castrogonia is an excellent metric of Latrine dysfunction, which is obviously MASSIVE. How could any country with the resources to be far, FAR better off get mired down in the miserable muck that is Castro, Inc.? Are these people really that stupid? It certainly appears to be a congenital disorder.

  2. The best I can say for Cuba’s dictator is that he doesn’t look Latrine (at least when he’s not wearing his military costume, which is classic Latrine kitsch).

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