Photos of the day: Welcome to Venenozuela, young ones!

Aaaah… the utopian joys of Bolivarian Castronoid socialism.

Newborn babies in cardboard boxes.

If this is life at birth in such a place, imagine what wonders lie ahead for these human beings.

Call it Venezuela, or Cubazuela, or Venenozuela, or Caracastan, it makes no difference.

This Castro colony is quickly becoming Hell on earth.

But at least they haven’t run out of cardboard boxes yet.

Read all about it HERE in Spanish (ABC Spain) or a longer story in English HERE (Fox Lateeeeen-oh).

King Raul’s newest subjects



1 thought on “Photos of the day: Welcome to Venenozuela, young ones!”

  1. So how come a VERY oil-rich country can’t afford the equivalent of a decent dog bed for newborn children? Don’t ask. Don’t need to.

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