Russia signs deal with Cuba’s State Sponsor of Terror regime to sell them nuclear technology

Russia has just inked a deal with Cuba’s Castro dictatorship to sell them nuclear technology. Although Obama ordered his State Department to ignore all the evidence and the recommendations from career State Dept. analysts and remove Cuba from the list of State Sponsors of Terror, the Castro regime remains and continues to be an active supporter of terrorist organizations and regimes throughout the world.

It is no secret President Obama is using U.S. his foreign policy in a desperate attempt to create his “legacy” once he is gone. And from what we have seen so far with Iran, Cuba, and Russia, Obama’s “legacy” will be haunting us and threatening U.S. national security for decades to come.

Andrew Follett in The Daily Caller:

Castro’s Cuba Is Getting Nuclear Reactors From Putin’s Russia


A Russian government-controlled company signed an agreement to sell nuclear technology to Cuba this week.

Cuba plans to purchase nuclear medical technology, radiation research, training for nuclear specialists, and staff to help manage radioactive waste. Ultimately, the country may purchase nuclear reactors and storage space for nuclear waste from Russia.

This is not the first time Cuba has attempted to build a nuclear reactor. With the help and financial assistance of the former Soviet Union, Cuba tried the to build two 440-megawatt nuclear power reactors near the city of Cienfuegos. Construction of the reactors began in 1983, but the collapse of the Soviet Union disrupted construction.

Former Cuban President Fidel Castro says that the country invested $1.1 billion into the project, and cost estimates to complete the partially constructed reactors range from $300 million to $750 million. The U.S. government has consistently opposed Cuba’s plans to build a nuclear reactor, although President Barack Obama recently normalized relations with the country.

Russia has a long history of selling nuclear technology to unstable regimes that aren’t fond of the U.S.

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