It’s Time To Put America First Again!


Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine from Virginia stated in tonight’s debate that if you cannot tell the difference between leadership and dictatorship, you need to go back to school to take a 5th-grade class in civics. He followed up later on and said that if you cannot tell the difference between the two, you should not be commander in chief. By his own admission, Tim Kaine disqualified Hillary Clinton as a suitable candidate for the Oval Office and  made President Obama into a failed commander in chief.

President Obama launched a new initiative to Communist Cuba in December of 2014, and Hillary Clinton has repeatedly indicated that she will follow President Obama’s policy on Cuba. Communist Cuba has been oppressed by the Castro Brothers’ brutal dictatorship for fifty-seven years!

It’s time to roll out the Panamanian Boxer Roberto Durán’s policy of “no más”: “no más”hypocrisy, no more double-talk, no more signing deals with enemies of the United States, no more trade deals that leave tax-paying Americans out of good-paying jobs, “no más” putting the lives of Americans in jeopardy.

It’s time to put America first again!