Photos of the Day – Two Havanas: One for tourists, one for Cubans


A photo essay by Katarina Hall in Dissident:

A Look at the Whole Picture: Havana’s Lights and Shadows

From far away, Havana looks like a beautiful, tropical city. When you take a closer look, however, it is impossible to ignore its crumbling buildings and poor living conditions.




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1 thought on “Photos of the Day – Two Havanas: One for tourists, one for Cubans”

  1. The garish, vulgar paint scheme in the photo of tourist Havana may be Caribbean, but it is not Cuban. It looks fake and kitschy, though no doubt it goes well enough with “native” touches like the slave-era Mammy brigade. If Eusebio Leal, the improvised and non-credentialed “city historian” probably behind this sort of thing, were actually legitimate, he’d never go for such cheap and tawdry tarting up of what was once a great and elegant city. Well, I suppose Havana has become what amounts to another jinetera.

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