Castro customs officials caught stealing items from American luggage

Castronoid airport thieves were caught red-handed (no pun intended), and filmed by American tourists.

And when the Eastern Airlines pilots complained, the Castronoid authorities responded by harassing and threatening the pilots and their passengers with imprisonment.

Once again, Obama’s “legacy” circus is unmasked as a cruel and dangerous joke.

Good luck finding any major news outlet that will pay attention to this story.

And good luck securing your valuables when you travel to Castrogonia, for the next president of the U.S.A. is going to try very hard to outdo her predecessor when it comes to establishing a Cuba policy “legacy.”

So, get ready for more concessions under Nihillary and expect an escalation in Castronoid shenanigans after she wins the upcoming presidential election by a landslide.

From Capitol Hill Cubans

How Obama’s Cuba Flights Jeopardize U.S. Security

For months, U.S. lawmakers have expressed serious concerns over the Obama Administration’s haste in restoring commercial flights to Cuba, despite the serious security risks they pose.

These security risks are explained here and here.

To distract from these risks, the Transportation Security Administration (“TSA”) has misled Congress, while bipartisan delegations from the House Homeland Security and Transportation Committees have been denied visas by the Cuban regime to independently investigate.

As a result, the Cuban Airport Security Act of 2016 was introduced in the House and Senate, and recently marked-up by the House Homeland Security Committee.

This week, we have Exhibit A about why U.S. lawmakers and the American public are right to be concerned.

On October 15th, an Eastern Airlines charter flight at the gate in Havana Airport witnessed how Cuban Customs officials were rummaging and stealing merchandise from luggage being boarded onto a plane in the neighboring gate.

Passengers on the Eastern flight, which was preparing to depart from Havana to Miami, captured cell phone footage of these illicit activities. (Click here to watch or click image below) — courtesy of Diario de Cuba.)

The Eastern pilots denounced these illicit activities to the Havana Airport authorities.

But clearly, the Havana Airport authorities were part of the conspiracy. Rather than take corrective actions, they threatened the Eastern pilots who denounced the illicit activities, grounded the plane, sought to confiscate the cell phones with the evidence and tried to force the passengers to disembark.

The passengers feared they would be arrested by the Cuban authorities. However, the Eastern pilots told the passengers to remain on the plane, where they were protected by U.S. law.

Thanks to the wisdom of these Eastern pilots, the Cuban authorities eventually relented and after a 3-hour standoff allowed the plane to depart for Miami.

One of the main concerns posed by U.S. lawmakers is precisely that there are no independent airline or U.S. security personnel and Cuba’s airports. Everyone is an employee and subordinate of Castro’s regime. In other words, the Obama Administration is outsourcing U.S. flight security to the Castro regime.

This week’s events show how such utter lack of transparency and collusion clearly threaten U.S. security.

As Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin wisely wrote this month: “The security situation at Cuban airports is an open invitation for any bad actor who wishes to do harm to the United States to try to board a flight to the United States with whatever dangerous contraband they can carry. If that’s the price of Obama securing his Cuba legacy, it’s not worth it.

Add to this concern, corrupt Cuban Customs and airport officials that can do so.

It’s time Obama placed the security interests of the United States over his Cuba “legacy.”

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  1. Oh, but stealing from capitalists is fine. The Cuban thieves are just redistributionists–you know, Robin Hood types, like Fidel was–and that was put out by the New York Times back in the day, so it must be true. That’s why Cubans and foreigners who were robbed by the “revolution” can totally forget about ever getting restitution, because there’s zero “progressive” support for that, and they deserved to be, uh, dispossessed.

  2. And yes, Republican voters should obviously have picked another candidate, but they’re not professionals who are supposed to be extremely savvy about politics, meaning they’re not the Republican politicians who are primarily responsible for Trump’s candidacy–and who evidently feel perfectly entitled to not only evade responsibility and act very superior but to actually make it even easier for the abominable Hillary Clinton (and her husband) to get elected. Upon reflection, the degree of Republican establishment arrogance, delusional self-regard and glorified uselessness is really quite spectacular (and yes, that includes the Bush clan). As I’ve said before, what these people really care about is getting elected and staying in office, or rather, being able to get into the game and keep playing–and that’s the operative word, playing. Alas, they haven’t just failed Republican voters, they’ve failed the United States, because when you’re up against the likes of the Democrats, you simply cannot play around.

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