Socialist presidential candidate wants the U.S. to be just like Castrogonia

Socialist Worker’s Party candidate Alyson Kennedy

Aaah, the marvels of genuine democracy.

If you want to run for president in this country, you are allowed to do so, even if you are a total idiot and a liar and your chief aim is to do away with democracy.

Too bad that this year every candidate is an idiot and a liar, as well as a threat to democracy.

Oh, but maybe you didn’t know that there is one candidate who tops them all when it comes to idiocy and lying.

And this year, that’s no small accomplishment, given who else is running for president.

She wants to turn the U.S. into a country just like Castrogonia.

Ultimate goal of socialism

From the Salt Lake Tribune

Socialist Workers candidate: Look to Cuba’s model

Alyson Kennedy, the presidential hopeful for the Social Workers Party, is on the ballot in Utah and six other states — but come Nov. 9 she will keep on campaigning.

The political race is just a vehicle to promote her message. What the 65-year-old former Utah coal miner is seeking is a workers revolution, similar to what happened in Cuba.

“We want a revolutionary struggle where workers and farmers take power,” she said Wednesday in an interview.

The capitalist system in the United States has failed everyday employees, she said. The two major parties offer nothing more than a promise to make the capitalistic system better. That’s a farce, she said, and anathema to human rights…

….When workers take power in this country, Kennedy believes they will use corporate profits to pay for public works projects, health care and education.

She cited Cuba as an example of a socialist revolution that provides citizens with free health care and lifelong education. She argued the island state is not under totalitarian rule, as it is sometimes characterized in this country.

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Ultimate goal of socialism


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