As done in Cuba, Venezuela’s police coordinate with mobs to violently attack peaceful protestors

Under command and control of the Castro regime, Cuba’s puppet dictatorship in Venezuela is now employing the same repressive tactics used in Cuba to violently attack peaceful protestors and quash dissent.

Via The Caracas Chronicles:

In Mérida, colectivos and the police team up to attack a peaceful march

An on-the-scene report from  a contributor in Mérida who asked to remain anonymous.


We knew today would be tense, but we only grasped how bad it would get at around 1:15 p.m., when a text came in saying the first wounded protesters were arriving at CAMIULA, the small hospital ULA runs for its students.

Today’s opposition rally was one of the biggest seen in Merida in years. It gathered in front of the ULA’s Social Studies faculty, a traditional rallying point, and moved toward downtown aiming for Plaza Bolivar, where the State Governor’s office operates. That’s exactly where pro-government protesters decided to gather, as they always do…acting as Alexis Ramírez’s private militia.

At first things seemed to go smoothly: opposition marchers moved along the narrow streets of Merida’s old downtown core, facing increasingly thick police cordons.

But the calm was shattered two blocks from the Governor’s palace.

There were cops in full riot gear all over the city, but they were not acting alone. According to reports from witnesses, right behind them, protected by their shields, a mob of colectivos started to throw glass bottles and stones at opposition protesters.

Some marchers ran away, others tried to break the cordon to get at the colectivos. As they did that, the police started to fire plastic buckshot — perdigones — freely. A shower of stones and pellets fell on hundred of scared, tired, furious protesters. All of that in the tight colonial streets of merideño historic centro.

Things got out of control quickly.

In a matter of minutes chaos took over. People moved quickly, trying to get as far as possible from the police-sponsored mayhem. As protesters tried to regroup and take another route to the Plaza Bolívar, police on motorbikes arrived and without even parking started firing pellets at everyone: men, women, children, from the oppo encapuchados to students and grannys. A student tells us how she got a beer bottle right in the head while trying to protect a friend’s aunt. She was marching with a group of 55-65 year old women.

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