Ignoring rule of law, Obama orders abstention on UN vote condemning sanctions against Cuba’s apartheid regime codified in U.S. law


As they do every year, yesterday Cuba’s repressive totalitarian dictatorship put a referendum up for a vote at the UN condemning U.S. sanctions codified in U.S. law that target their apartheid regime. However, instead of defending the rule of law, President Obama ordered Ambassador Samantha Powers to abstain from the vote, effectively undercutting U.S. law and violating Article I of the Constitution.

As a country founded on the basic principle of the observance of the rule of law, the United States has been a shining and inspiring example to the rest of the world that laws matter and that respecting the rule of law is intrinsic to building and maintaining a just and equal society. President Obama, however, has made his disdain for the rule of law clear during his two terms in office, openly and defiantly rejecting the basic foundation of our freedom and liberty. With his executive orders, his undermining of U.S. laws through the manipulation of regulations, and his constant attempts to erode the separation of powers enshrined in our constitution, President Obama has made clear he has very little if any respect for the rule of law.

If the president will not respect the rule of law in the U.S. and no concern for the rule of law in Cuba, then no one should be surprised at this refusal to respect and defend the rule of law at the UN.

Capitol Hill Cubans has more on this:

Statement on Obama’s Failure to Defend U.S. Law at United Nations #Cuba

Today, the Obama Administration has chosen to abstain from a resolution presented by the Cuban dictatorship at the United Nations General Assembly condemning the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act of 1996 (“Libertad Act”), which codified the embargo into U.S. law.

Regardless of the Obama Administration’s views on sanctions towards Cuba, the Libertad Act was passed by the United States Congress pursuant to Article I of the Constitution of the United States. It is the law of the land.

This unprecedented failure by President Obama to defend U.S. law at the United Nations General Assembly marks perhaps the most egregious breach of his Constitutional responsibilities and oath of office.

We call on both presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, to condemn this affront on the rule of law.

3 thoughts on “Ignoring rule of law, Obama orders abstention on UN vote condemning sanctions against Cuba’s apartheid regime codified in U.S. law”

  1. But of course. I trust no one is actually surprised. The man was being quite honest when he said before the fact that Cuba was on his “rhymes with bucket” list. I know such honesty is highly unusual, not to mention vulgar and unseemly, but even a stopped clock tells the correct time twice a day, and Obama has been totally covered on absolutely everything since Day 1. In other words, he knows he doesn’t have anything to worry about, especially on a longstanding joke like Cuba, so one could hardly expect him to even bother over appearances. Short version, again: It all boils down to FUCK YOU.

  2. Oh, and I call on Hillary Clinton to condemn her husband as a degenerate serial sexual abuser, which she’s as likely to do as condemning Obama at this point on something that means absolutely nothing to her.

  3. And btw, if Samantha Powers looked any more insubstantial, she’d be a dandelion. But yes, she fits the bill.

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