Another step taken toward extending apartheid tourism to Americans

For foreigners only, including Americans

Once again, White House minions have sneakily opened another door through the Treasury Department that will lead to full-blown American tourism in Cuba.

So… you Canadians and Europeans, watch out!  And hurry up to get your full dose of Cuban apartheid tourism before it is “ruined,” as many of you fear.

Nasty Americans are going to be flooding your apartheid resorts very soon.

No more “people-to-people” nonsense for Americans.  Forget about that charade.

And what about U.S. laws that prohibit such changes in policy?


From Skift

TripAdvisor Granted Permission to Sell Cuba Flights, Hotels, Tours and More

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has granted TripAdvisor a license to sell travel to Cuba as the organization loosens restrictions on overall travel to Cuba for Americans.

TripAdvisor users will be able to place bookings for hotels, flights, tours, attractions, and short-term rentals using TripAdvisor’s booking tools. This will make TripAdvisor the first major online booking site with ability to sell multiple travel Cuba travel products to U.S. travelers.

TripAdvisor will be able to use display advertising and display products using metasearch, as well, and plans to roll out booking functionality in the next few months.

 While TripAdvisor will be the first major U.S. online travel agency to have access, received clearance to sell hotel rooms earlier this year. Airbnb, of course, has been extremely active in Cuba, allowing travelers to stay in Cuban cities despite the lack of available hotel rooms. Many U.S. travel agencies and tour operators have been booking trips to Cuba for years.
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A preview of things to come for American tourists