Cuba’s puppet dictatorship in Venezuela digs in and hunkers down

The Castro dictatorship has survived far worse in Cuba than what their puppet regime in Venezuela is going up against, so don’t expect them to surrender anytime soon. What you can expect is an increase in arrests, imprisonment, cracked skulls, and murders since brutal and violent repression is the Castro method of staying in power.

Ambassador Roger Noriega in The Washington Examiner:

Venezuelan dictatorship digs in and hunkers down


Venezuelan leader Nicolás Maduro and the band of criminals who call the shots in that country on Thursday smothered any hope for a constitutional, democratic recall that would have allowed voters to replace his repressive and hapless regime. The country’s democratic forces now are rallying the people to confront Maduro, whose government is incapable of resolving food shortages and social chaos wrought by nearly 20 years of abusive rule.

Until now, President Obama has preferred “dialogue” between the regime and its victims, even at the cost of keeping Maduro in power. However, the recent antidemocratic steps directed by hardliners in the regime are a direct challenge to Washington and the international community. How they respond will determine whether Venezuela hurdles toward violence or recovers its democracy.

Since Maduro’s Socialist Party (PSUV) lost national legislative elections in a landslide a year ago, he has wielded executive and judicial powers to defy the popular vote that gave the democratic opposition a two-thirds majority in the National Assembly. Suspect judicial rulings by a supreme court packed with PSUV cronies have nullified virtually every legislative act. In recent weeks the president and the court defunded the Assembly’s operations and usurped its authority to approve the national budget. Maduro has issued repeated threats to dissolve the national legislature altogether.

For months, the opposition has run a procedural obstacle course to invoke a provision of the constitution to allow citizens to convene a recall referendum to oust Maduro and trigger a snap election to choose a successor. According to a late September poll, nearly 70 percent of Venezuelans would vote to oust Maduro.

Until last week, the Maduro-controlled electoral council grudgingly facilitated the referendum, while placing bureaucratic hurdles to delay the process. On Thursday, however, PSUV authorities voided the referendum altogether, canceling a three-day petition drive that was set to begin this week. Clearly, the regime preferred the political repercussions from killing the recall outright to the spectacle of several million Venezuelans mobilizing to repudiate Maduro.

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  1. Do note Spain’s lovely Zapatero in the background, doing his best to fill Jimmy Carter’s old shoes as an enabler of chavismo. But to be fair, I’m sure he’d do the same for Cuba. Lord, the disgust.

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