The U.S. condemns the U.S. at the United Nations (No, we’re not quoting from Alice in Wonderland–true stuff!)


In an annual ritual at the United Nations  for the past twenty five  years, the world’s biggest burglar, along with its enablers and burglary-victims all throw a tantrum against the one nation on earth (the U.S. until Obama) that had steadfastly refused to be burglarized by the world’s biggest burglar (i.e. the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate.)

This U.S. refusal to let its taxpayers be burglarized by the Castro-Family-Crime-Syndicate is better known as “The  Cuba Embargo.”

More infuriating still for the UN, under Republican administrations,  the U.S. had steadfastly refused to humor the assorted saps and swindlers who acquiesced in being repeatedly burglarized by Castro, responding to invitations to join their club of masochists, saps, idiots and swine with barely disguised snickers.

Naturally, the mainstream media and the United Nations have always worded this matter slightly differently. To wit:

“UNITED NATIONS —U.N. Condemns U.S. Embargo Of Cuba, Again. “In a U.N. vote that has become something of a tradition, only one country agreed with the United States that its embargo of Cuba should continue. The final count in the General Assembly vote was 188-2. (NPR, Oct. 29, 2013)

This year the United States voted to join the (hardly exclusive) club of The Burglarized By Castro.  Naturally, the mainstream media words the matter slightly differently. To wit:

Making a bit of history, the United States on Wednesday abstained for the first time in an annual General Assembly condemnation of the half-century-old American trade embargo against Cuba. The abstention — a break from the “no” vote the United States delegation has always cast — was another important signal by the Obama administration of its intention to fully repair relations with Cuba, including an end to the embargo.

This post title uses the word “condemn” because–as all who follow the U.N well know–“abstaining” merely amounts to a sheepish version of a yea vote.  So, in plain-speak , the U.S.  delegation to the UN voted to condemn the laws of the U.S. ….



“PLEASE calm down!–or I’ll call security on the CRAZY CUBAN!?” (says a badly-rattled Bill Maher)

2 thoughts on “The U.S. condemns the U.S. at the United Nations (No, we’re not quoting from Alice in Wonderland–true stuff!)”

  1. In case anyone needed proof that the world is full of it and that Cubans owe it nothing but contempt, this UN embargo vote provides said proof yet again, as it does every year like clockwork. It is at least mildly comforting that the UN is good for something, after all.

  2. But again, do not blame Obama, let alone his ever-so-white (redhead, even) UN minion, Ms. Power. Cuba, after all, is a rather minor matter in the big scheme of things, and Obama has done much worse in areas of considerably greater import–but don’t blame him for that, either. The situation is analogous to knowingly and willfully putting a very dangerous animal loose in a room full of children. When the animal acts according to its nature, the consequences are not the fault of the animal but of those who put him there.

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