Another lesson from Cuba: Why ‘dialogue’ in Venezuela is doomed to fail

Here is another lesson learned by Cubans long ago that the Venezuelans would have been better served if they had heeded. You cannot “dialogue” with a dictatorship. They are in no way interested in giving up on iota of power or control and words mean nothing to them.

Daniel Duquenal in Venezuela News and Views:


Today finally the first face off between the regime and the opposition under Vatican and Unasur guidance was held. Allow me to be deeply pessimistic about the prospects by just looking at the first picture.


What is wrong with that picture? Or if you prefer, what could possibly go wrong when the first scene of that movie is the one above?

Maduro IS PRESIDING!!!!!!!!! And far removed from anyone else!!!!!!

Symbols matter. Even more so when dialogue to avert civil wars are undertaken.

Here we have the guy who is the psychological focus of all that has been going wrong since Chavez died, and he is presiding? How could the opposition accept to sit down with Maduro? One thing is to try to dialogue with Maduro’s people, another is to discuss under his direct oversight. At a moment when Maduro is cornered and totally done overseas, such a picture gives him a new legitimacy at home. The more so that only state TV is showing news on the scene, and manipulating the whole thing at will.

I am haggardly in shock. Well, until I found my way to this keyboard anyway.


2 thoughts on “Another lesson from Cuba: Why ‘dialogue’ in Venezuela is doomed to fail”

  1. Venezuelans screwed themselves long ago by ignoring the warning of “those people” not to elect a known Castro groupie as their president. Everything goes back to that initial disastrous choice, and I expect they’re not done paying for it yet. As for the Vatican sponsoring this farce, it’s no different from its role in the “normalization” farce in Cuba. I hope, for its sake, that it is merely blind and foolish, but I’m afraid it (or certainly Don Francisco) may be worse.

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