“Cubans have been very good to me, in the Florida elections, you know, the Cuban people, Americans…” (President Donald Trump, Feb. /16, 2017.) So America’s CHAMPION “deplorables” do it AGAIN!)


“Cubans return to Trump,” read a sub-headline of the New York Times Upshot/Siena University poll released Oct. 27, which gave Trump a four-point lead in Florida. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was leading in the same poll only a month earlier.


“Cubans have been very good to me, in the Florida elections, you know, the Cuban people, Americans…” (President Donald Trump, Feb. /16, 2017)

Us Cuban-Americans were “deplorable” WAY before it was COOL! No other ethnic group in American has caused so many heads to explode within the Democrat/Media complex! When it comes to “deplorables” WE (Cuban-Americans)  ARE THE HISTORIC CHAMPIONS!!!

These most deplorable of “deplorables” have historically goaded the Democratic/Media axis to enraged sputterings against them. Let’s review a few highlights from Democratic and media luminaries. Here’s how the Knights of Camelot felt about us:


“There’s fifty-odd-thousand Cuban refugees in this country, all living for the day when we go to war with Cuba. They’re the ones putting out these rumors (about missiles.)”( a sneering President John F. Kennedy, Oct. 15th 1962.)

(These missiles are) “nothing but refugee rumors. Nothing in Cuba presents a threat to the United States. There’s no likelihood that the Soviets or Cubans would try and install an offensive capability in Cuba.” (a sneering National Security Advisor, McGeorge Bundy, on ABC’s Issues and Answers, October 14, 1962.)

“I’ve dealt with a fairly rich number of exiles in the past but none can compare with Cubans for genuine stupidity and militant childishness.” (Kennedy family crony Desmond Fitzgerald, head of CIA’s Cuban task force 1962.)

(For months prior to Bundy and Kennedy’s scoffing against the Cuban missile-mongers, dozens of young Cuban exiles had been risking their lives by infiltrating Cuba and bringing out eyewitness reports of what remains the biggest military threat to the U.S. in its history. In the process, some of these Cuban boys were also dying by firing squad and torture at the hands of Castro and Che Guevara’s KGB-tutored secret police.)


“Truly disgusting!” was how Bryant Gumbel characterized–not the Clinton-approved kidnapping of Elian Gonzalez –but the the Cuban-Americans who peacefully demonstrated against the shanghaiing of Elian Gonzalez back to Castro on the orders of Bill Clinton!……le ZZUMBA!



Back in 2007, Georgetown professor Norman Birnbaum, an advisor to three Democratic presidential candidates and a columnist for The Daily Beast, labeled “Miami-Cubans” a “truly reprehensible!” group.

In 2008 the Washington post ran the following cartoon celebrating Cuban-Americans’ expulsion from the U.S. en masse.


Note that a smiling Uncle Sam insults an American ethnic group (Cuban-Americans) as “nuisances” while forcibly expelling them from the nation in a rickety boat titled “Cuban-Americans,” while these scowling, elderly and Mafiosi-clad people scream “we demand a chance to interfere with the ’08 election!”


But now these Democratic/media head explosions against Cuban-AMericans have reached a volume and crescendo not seen or heard since the  the morning of D-DAY!



“Humberto Fontova’s book teaches us truths about Cuba that are very discomfiting for many intellectuals.” (Ana Botella, Spain’s former First Lady while giving a book reading in Madrid upon the Spanish-language release of the BOMBSHELL book “Fidel; Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.”)

“Humberto Fontova has performed a great service for freedom and human decency. Every American should read this book.” (David Horowitz on Fidel: Hollywood’s Favorite Tyrant.)

“In his latest book my American warrior blood-brother Humberto Fontova once again performs the ultimate we the people duty of spotlighting cockroaches for a better America!” (Ted Nugent)

5 thoughts on ““Cubans have been very good to me, in the Florida elections, you know, the Cuban people, Americans…” (President Donald Trump, Feb. /16, 2017.) So America’s CHAMPION “deplorables” do it AGAIN!)”

  1. 1. No self-respecting Cuban with dignity should even consider voting for the abominable Clintons (and it is a twofer situation; Vil would absolutely be co-president if she won).

    2. Trump should never have been the alternative to the Clintons, but he is, and the contemptible Republican politicians responsible for that deserve to pay dearly, but a Clinton presidency is not the right payment–for one thing, those practically worthless Republican careerists want that.

    3. Not voting for anybody, or voting for a third party with zero chance, amounts to voting Clinton, not unlike the Ross Perot scenario (which gave us a Clinton presidency in the first place).

    4. Therefore, the best available option is to hold one’s nose and vote for Trump (which is what I’m doing).

  2. As for the “Camelot” crew, they damn themselves well enough. In a way, they were worse than a knowing BS artist like Clinton (who knows exactly what he is and always has), because they really believed they were the shit (which they were, but not the way they thought). Their arrogance and absurd conceit would be comical if not for the consequences, even apart from Cuba. The Vietnam debacle was their legacy, and that alone would doom their ridiculous pretensions.

  3. And btw, if my disgust for the likes of Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric were radioactive, I’d be another Chernobyl, if not worse.

  4. The Kennedys themselves were puffed up parvenus riddled with serious dysfunction, ultimately common as dirt, who somehow managed to sell themselves as some sort of aristocracy to a painfully “impressionable” public. Of course, their army of well-placed and influential sycophants, hagiographers and assorted promoters obviously helped considerably. However, it has become eminently clear that appearances were just that, and the reality was very different. Lord, the contempt.

  5. I see that Obama came to Miami for one final pro-Hillary push–at FIU. Imagine that. I would have thought he’d go to UM, but Clinton creature Donna Shalala is no longer in charge there. FIU, of course, is a “known problem” and has been for ages, so I’m hardly surprised, but I’m still disgusted.

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