2 thoughts on “Video of the Day – How Cuban Americans repudiated Obama’s Cuba policy and helped elect Donald Trump”

  1. If Díaz-Balart works for Telemundo, I expect he’s compromised, since such an outfit, like the Miami Herald (not to mention the execrable Univisión) would only employ a suitable Cuban–as in suitably compliant to its purposes. He’s certainly pushing the “Latino” narrative mighty hard, though I suppose if you’re employed by Telemundo, you have to sell its shit. As for his analysis of the Cuban vote, it’s so weak it’s embarrassing. Color me skeptical and wary–very.

  2. Speaking of suitable Cubans, here’s the title of the latest offering from the Miami Herald’s Fabiola Santiago in response to Trump’s election:

    I thought America was better than that. My mistake.

    And I had thought that perhaps she wasn’t quite so bad. My mistake.

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