Normalization Circus update: No change in Castro Kingdom

Professor Jose Luis Artiles

Oh, the wonders of the Normalization Circus.

Surprise!  Anti-Trump demonstrators, take note!  Here’s an anti-change model you can follow….

Despite all of the concessions made by the Obama White House, the Castro regime continues to do whatever it wants.

Castro, Inc. is not yielding “even one millimeter” of its advances in repression, as King Raul announced nearly two years ago, on the same day that White House Occupant Obama announced his “historic” change in Cuba policy.

Castrogonia is still one of the few places on earth where one can be arrested and imprisoned for “potential dangerousness.”

Articles 72-90, Yes, Castrogonia’s penal code Articles 72-90  “The Dangerous Status and Security Measures” stipulates that  someone can be sentenced for up to four years in prison on the grounds that the authorities believe the individual has a “special proclivity” to commit crimes, even though he or she has not actually committed a crime. These articles broadly define “dangerous” people as those who act in a manner that contradicts “socialist morality” or engage in “anti-social behavior.” Moreover, Article 75 provides for an “official warning” to people the authorities deem to be in danger of becoming “dangerous,” i.e., those who are not yet “dangerous” but who are regarded as having criminal tendencies because of their “ties or relations with people who are potentially dangerous to society, other people, and to the social, economic and political order of the socialist State…”

So, there you have it.  Castrogonia has a law that most of the anti-Trump demonstrators in the U.S. would love to see enacted in their country.

Is there any better way of keeping those you disagree with in check?

Here is one news story from this past weekend that chronicles how this law functions in the progressive Castro Kingdom.

Professor Artiles and some colleagues

From Translating Cuba

Cuban professor arrested, prevented from attending conference in Spain

Professor Jose Luis Artiles Salinas, Coordinator of the Somos+ (We Are More) Movement in Santa Clara, has been released after 24 hours of detention. With the aim to frustrate his participation in an course on audiovisuals in Barcelona Spain, he was detained in order to make him miss his flight.

He was released with a letter of warning where it explicitly states he is under investigation.

This is not only an attack on Individual Human Rights, among which are the Right to Free Movement and the Right to Freely Access the Internet, but also violates Articles 58 and 59 of Chapter VII of the Cuban Constitution, which establishes the inviolability of the detainee, and that he or she can only be tried and condemned by a competent court.

They want to destroy the prestige and respectability of Artiles, because they fear him. They are afraid that more young people and professionals are joining the cause that the professor defends. They are trying to “create” a crime and charge him with it, to make it clear that they are “after him.”

Read the whole article HERE

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