Photos From Hell: Trudeau Jr. in the Castro Kingdom


Love fest

Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and his lovely wife spent their second day in the Castro Kingdom having a wonderful, wonderful time.

Press reports claim that Trudeau Jr. met with Cuban “activists”, but, of course, no one opposed to the Castro regime can be considered an “activist” in left-speak.

An “activist” in left-speak is someone who works very hard at promoting the propaganda cooked up by the Castro dynasty’s oligarchy.

For instance, King Raul’s daughter Mariela is an “activist.”

So here is a photo of the “activists” who met with the charming, dictator-loving Trudeau Jr.

Activists in love

Meanwhile, Mrs. Trudeau Jr. hung out with fashionable female oligarchs in Havana, posing for photos in the tiny, tiny, tourist-friendly section of the city that has been spruced up with United Nations funds, that special quarter of Old Havana in which ordinary Cubans are not allowed to live.

The caption to the photo below in says that she was on her way to a “discussion on gender equality, where she spoke about the importance of young boys being taught to respect women.”

Yeah, there you go.  That’s progress.  Nothing about oligarchs being taught to respect other human beings and their rights.

Pretty privileged women, pretty privileged scenery, ugly bodyguards, ugly truths hidden far from view

Trudeau Jr., a humanitarian who obviously cares deeply about human rights issues, capped his visit to the Castro Kingdom by giving King Raul a big, big hug.

How lovely.  Or as they say in Quebec, très jolie.

C’est si bon, c’est si bon…..

Roy Raul, mon amour….



1 thought on “Photos From Hell: Trudeau Jr. in the Castro Kingdom”

  1. Like father, like son–or, if you prefer, just another Canadian SOB like so many of his countrymen, who are by far the biggest bloc of foreign tourists filling the coffers of the military-run Castro tourist racket. You’d think someone in Trudeau’s position would be a little more dignified and restrained, but he’s basically an enabled, “entitled” punk, and even here I see the old Canadian “problem” with the US: if Obama did what he did regarding Cuba, then Canada has to go one better, or certainly do no less for Castro, Inc. Let’s just say that Canada is quite deep in my shit list, as it should be on that of every Cuban with tolerable self-respect.

    As for “pretty scenery,” that’s only to a certain taste, specifically that of the faux “city historian” Eusebio Leal, who’s rumored to be a closet case. And the ugly truths are hidden, but they’re not that far from view, certainly not to anyone who cares to look beyond the obvious Potemkin façade.

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