Quote of the Day: Say that again, please, Madame Trudeau

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, addressing a Cuban audience in Havana, 16 November 2016

“Cuba’s leaders are already very open-minded and open-hearted. “

Yes indeed, Madame Trudeau.  This is so true, so true…. C’est certainement vrai.

King Raul and his minions are very, very open-minded and open-hearted to those millions of Canadians who flock to their apartheid resorts.

For more perceptive observations from Madame Trudeau, go HERE

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Say that again, please, Madame Trudeau”

  1. Albeit grudgingly, I did the woman the honor of reading the whole linked article. Her little speech is a case study in banality and triteness, and nobody with half a brain needs to be told any of this stuff. There are two possibilities for such a performance: either she’s a Barbie-doll airhead who can do no better, or this is simply condescension: the ostensibly superior and ever-so-chic first-world “progressive” slumming and talking down to benighted little island savages. I expect it’s a combination of both.

    As for old Margaret, her first problem was that she married a man completely wrong for her, both in terms of personality and situation. She had other issues, which didn’t help, but the suppressed-female narrative is definitely not all there is to her story.

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