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Cuban American vote in the 2016 Presidential Elections: Just the facts please.

“Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not to his own facts.” – Daniel Patrick Moynihan

National press has recognized that Cuban Americans played a decisive role in Florida going Republican in the 2016 Presidential election. The Pew Research Center that is a nonpartisan, non-advocacy organization that gathers data and conducts analysis on the issues looked at exit polls with 3,997 respondents and found that 54% to 41% Cuban Americans voted for Trump and Hillary respectively.


These results were predictable to close observers of the Cuban American scene in South Florida. In May of 2016 I predicted that if Mr. Trump contrasted himself from Secretary Clinton and President Obama that the New York businessman would win 56% of the Cuban American vote.

The Obama Cuba policy had deeply outraged Cuban Americans and the repeated unilateral concessions in an environment where human rights on the island are deteriorating led to a profound rejection of the policy.

Furthermore that this policy gave a green light to discrimination of Cuban Americans by U.S. corporations to satisfy the demands of their new business partners, the Castro dictatorship provoked protests and law suits in 2016.

Nevertheless we find the usual crowd that produce misleading polls that may have cost Secretary Hillary Clinton the White House continue to double down using partisan push polls to try and blot out the sun with their thumb.

Recalling another Democratic U.S. Senator for the State of New York, Daniel Patrick Moynihan let me make a plea for a civil discourse and to agree on the facts in evidence. Otherwise there is a danger of falling into historical negationism that serves no one.

It was not only President Elect Donald Trump who benefited from opposition to Obama’s Cuba policy but so did Senator Marco Rubio and Congressional candidates in South Florida in all the races where there was a contrast on Cuba policy between the two candidates.

The argument I made and am making is that if President Elect Trump had not shifted his position on US – Cuba policy to contrast himself from President Obama and Secretary Clinton he would have remained in the 33 -37% range and possibly even lose the Cuban American vote to Hillary Clinton and that in a tight statewide Florida race it would have cost him the win. This is what happened with the Chinese American vote when Republicans abandoned the anti-communist issue on China. It wasn’t the immigration issue that was hurting him with Cuban Americans.

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2 thoughts on “More on the Cuban American vote”

  1. Cubans should have voted for Trump (meaning against the Clintons) in the same (or higher) proportion that “Latinos” voted Clinton. I know Trump may have freaked some people out, but at worst they should have abstained. I cannot relate to any Cuban who voted for the Clintons–the indignity of it is simply too great.

  2. So, let me see if I get this straight: lateeno groups are always screaming about empowerment. In fact, they invested a lot of time and energy claiming that lateenos [read this as chicanos] were going to make a difference in the elections this year. Yea, right, it fizzled out in their faces. Now they want to deny Cubans what they want for themselves: empowerment. Its not our fault that they played their cards wrong! Its not our fault that they put all their energy in supporting a loser and that we by contrast voted for a winner! Ah, our dear, dear lateeno brothers and sisters! We can always rely on them and especially on groups like National Council of la Raza to to support us!

    I liken all of these lateenos to weights around our necks. Even our association with them by virture of all of us speaking the same language and having similar last names is detrimental to us.

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