The Clinton Thanksgiving dinner (a post from 2007)

(Note:  This is a post from Thanksgiving Week 2007.   At the time, President Bush was in his second term and Mrs. Clinton was looking ahead to 2008.  I share it to show that this cynical woman has not changed one bit.)

We wish Mr. & Mrs. Clinton a Happy Thanksgiving Dinner.

However, we are confident that Bill & Hillary will not be talking about free trade, drivers licenses in NY, or the unreleased documents at the Clinton Library.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are growing further and further apart with respect to their politics.  He moved to the center because he understood that the US does not elect liberals to the presidency.  Bill Clinton also had Ross Perot to take middle class votes from the Repblicans!  She is moving to the left in a hurry because the primary process is dominated by the same liberals that her husband threw overboard to win reelection in ’96!

There is a lot more:

“She has vowed to scrap the “don’t ask, don’t tell” rules her husband put in place allowing gays to serve in the military but only if they do not admit to being gay.

She has called for repealing part of the Defense of Marriage Act, which tried to limit the spread of same-sex marriage and which her husband signed, albeit reluctantly.

And she disagreed with her husband’s statement that there should be a presidential exception to a torture ban in case of imminent terrorist threat.” (A Clinton Distancing Act)

My guess is that the Clintons will not talk politics on Thanksgiving.   Hillary Clinton is running against Bill Clinton’s domestic legacy!

Again, that was from 2007 and nothing about this cynical and calculating woman has changed.  

Of course, she did not win the nomination in 2008 or the election in 2016. 

We can say thanks for that!

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