Meanwhile back in Caracastan: Images of a Castronoid Colony

$100 U.S. dollars converted to Venezuelan Bolivars

Disturbing images from the Castro colony of Venenozuela

The image above shows what is happening to Venezuela’s worthless currency: $100 U.S. dollars buys you a stack of Bolivars that will be worth less and less and less with every tick tock of the clock.

The Bolivar lost 45% of its value in the month of November, and will probably keep losing value.  Bloomberg reports that this is the biggest monthly collapse ever and that things will only get worse.

The images below show the increasingly Castronoid/Orwellian scare tactics promoted by King Raul’s “advisers” in response to the colony’s imminent collapse.

Big Brother — in this case, the late Hugo Chavez — is watching everyone, reminding them of the repressive power of the “Bolivarian Revolution.”

Is this a reflection of a total lack of imagination — plagiarizing straight from Orwell — or a reflection of Orwell’s prophetic genius?

Photos from Breitbart

Big Brother is Watching You





Meanwhile, Venezuelans are fleeing in record numbers.  It’s estimated that some 150,000 have left the country this year.

The New York Times reports on those who are fleeing by sea, imitating the Castro Kingdom’s infamous balseros.

This outcome was predictable.  Highly predictable.  All anyone had to do in the heyday of the “Bolivarian Revolution” was to take a look at what the Castro dynasty’s “Revolution” had done to Cuba.

Now, get ready for the next step, if the Chavistas lose power: hordes of European, Canadian, and American tourists who want to visit Venezuela before its socialist charm is “ruined.”