fidel castro Dead at Age 90

The news is still trickling in, but it’s confirmed this time: fidel castro is dead. May he rot in hell for all eternity.

I’d always imagined this moment much differently. I’d always imagined myself in sheer joy, ecstatic, triumphant. But, alas, that is not the case. Sure, make no bones about it, I’m glad the bastard is dead. I’m glad the pots and pans are blaring in the streets of Miami tonight. And some day, if his legacy of hate and injustice ever ends, I will piss on his grave.

But the damage is done. The real Cuba is gone. A memory. A faded sepia image.

Brace yourselves, folks. The next few days will be heartbreaking as we will be assaulted by the accolades from the media. Tears will rain down from celebrities and world leaders will pay endless tributes to the bearded devil. It will be nauseating.

But please do take a few moments to revel in this news. fidel castro is dead. Roll the words around in your mouth like a fine wine. Take it in and let it soothe you and warm you and embrace you like a favorite blanket: fidel castro is dead.

And, if I may, let me borrow and tweak a few lines from TS Eliot, for you, fidel, you dead fucking bastard:

This is the way you end.
This is the way you end, fidel.
This is the way you end.
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Oh, and I never once capitalized your name, you fuck.

3 thoughts on “fidel castro Dead at Age 90”

  1. I agree, it feels almost anti-climactic at this point, but the POS is dead. Hell just got a little more crowded.
    The bastard did not even croak in time to make it a special Thanksgiving. How typical.

  2. Already, a correspondent from ABC News was saying Cubans revere him as the George Washington of Cuba and saying Cubans were all illiterate before Castro and we had no access to medicine. He said that castro turned Cuba into the most educated and healthiest country in Latin America

  3. Manny53, I was thinking exactly what you said. Well, there’s always next Thanksgiving and maybe, if we’re lucky, we will have a two-fer as his brother joins him in hell.

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