Gusano As A Badge of Honor


“Gusano” – which literally means a worm — is a pejorative term coined by government officials from Communist Cuba to refer to all of those Cubans who are not 100% in agreement with the Castro Brothers. After the announcement on November 26, 2016, of Fidel Castro’s death, it was revealed that his remains will be cremated. I guess that Fidel did not envision for his remains to be devoured by any gusanos.

1 thought on “Gusano As A Badge of Honor”

  1. Cremated? Excellent. He’s too foul for worms, anyway, and the ashes can be taken to Russia, Spain or some Latrine shithole like Nicaragua and simply flushed down a toilet. Same as with Che’s supposed remains. No physical trace of them should remain in Cuba.

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