Cuban-American “EVISCERATES(!!!)”–“SHELLACKS(!!!)”–“SHUTS DOWN(!!!)”–“TAKES-DOWN(!!!)”–“SHAMES(!!!)”–“SCHOOLS(!!!)” CNN’s Soledad O’Brien on MSNBC!



The “Shut-DOWN!” (According to The Daily Caller)


The “EVISCERATION!” (According to The Daily Caller)


The “TAKE-DOWN!” (According to Truth Revolt.)


“The SCHOOLING!” (According to Independent Journal Review)


“The “SHAMING!” (According to Daily Wire)

Entire Daily Caller article with video here.

Among the highlights:

“Folks Castro regime jailed and tortured political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s regime during the great terror. They murdered, murdered, mostly by firing squad, more political prisoners in their first three years in power than Hitler’s regime murdered in his first six. They drove 20 times as many people to die trying to escape from Cuba as died trying to escape East Germany, and we’re hearing about complicated emotions? Please give me a break!”

“Who jumped on rafts to escape Batista? Can please answer me that?…In fact during Batista’s rule more Americans lived in Cuba than did Cubans in the U.S.–and this was at a time that any Cuban could freely leavd Cuba and get a U.S. visa for the asking! During that time Cuba had a higher standard of living than much of Europe!”


“No, no, no ,no, no…what you’re saying is BOGUS, UTTERLY BOGUS….In fact the U.S. HELPED put Castro in power. It’s documented by a former U.S. ambassador to Cuba “Everyone at the CIA and everyone at the State dept. was PRO-Castro,” he revealed!”



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  1. So is “complicated” the same as “controversial”? Let’s ask little Justin Trudeau, who should really be in the same line of business as Soledad. Or maybe he is.

  2. One has to wonder if people like Ms. O’Brien would also find things like sexual abuse of children “complicated” (assuming, of course, that was politically correct). Well, another day, another cretin.

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