Biscet: “El momento es perfecto”

Dear brave Dr. Biscet, this self-sacrificing warrior, along with other opposition members in Cuba, they are why, after thirteen years Babalu is still here with our prayers, hopes, and dreams of a free Cuba. This is the answer to the besotted mourning left, and the hateful bigots who believe that Cubans are happy, smiling, dancing, and content living in poverty with their so-called free education, healthcare, and no rights. They can all go to hell with fidel.

Vladimir Turró Páez in CubaNet:
(Very roughly translated)

Biscet: “No le vamos a dar ni un ápice de tregua a la dictadura”

El opositor cubano dice que “el momento es perfecto”

héroe cubano
héroe cubano

HAVANA, Cuba-in the middle of the funeral procession of the ex Cuban ruler Fidel Castro Ruz, the Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Oscar Elías Biscet, met with Union Party for Cuba Libre (PUNCLI) activists Wednesday in a park in the Vedado section of the capital Havana.

“We are not going to give an iota of truce to the dictatorship, it is the perfect time to overthrow them and achieve the freedom of the Cuban people,” said Biscet.

At the meeting, they discussed with those present positions to face the new stage of fight with the goal of achieving democracy in Cuba.

“Dios está de nuestro lado. Ya salimos de uno, y al otro, a Raúl, le vamos arrebatar el poder muy pronto”

During the gathering, there were numerous people parked in the surrounding area to listen to the debate. They also gave them Emilia Project ballots.

“The most important thing is to continue to work as we are doing, and conquer these public spaces, to remove the peoples fear, join together to achieve a regime change in Cuba”, said Biscet.

Carlos Manuel Pupo Rodriguez, national coordinator of the PUNCLI, said to CubaNet that the meeting was very fruitful, addressing important issues and ideas made to put an end to the Cuban system.

“We have to take advantage of the circumstances, it is the time to join forces to put an end to the Castro’s dictatorial political system, we have already suffered enough repression over 57 years,” Pupo said.

Rosa Aviles, another participant, claimed that the women’s faction within the Emilia Project has launched several ideas, stressing that they will be soon put into practice.

“We women of the project are growing and all together will put the end to the Castro Government, now that one has already left, we are closer to freedom”.

Opponents also complained about the Cuban Government imposing mandatory mourning on Cubans, subjecting them to a dry law with the prohibition of sales of alcoholic drinks, and by not allowing them to listen to music over nine days.

“Mourning must take it who feel it, and yet Cubans have it imposed on us as a coup of repression”, said Elías González, activist of the PUNCLI. “El luto debe llevarlo quien lo sienta, y sin embargo a los cubanos nos lo han impuesto a golpe de represión”

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