Most sensible suggestion of the year

Milo Yiannopoulos

From Breitbart

Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos Urges #NotMyPresident Liberals to Move to Cuba

Speaking about the recent celebrities that claimed they would emigrate to Canada if Donald Trump were to become president and the leftist praise that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro received upon his death, MILO said, “We know Hollywood loves communists, but they wouldn’t even go to Venezuela. I did publish a plan this week to help them out.  My simple proposal, the MILO Plan, is to relocate Hollywood celebrities, journalists, and anyone else too scared to live in Trump’s America…  to Cuba. They can culturally appropriate the food, and maybe even the poverty and misery of living under a brutal dictator.”

MILO continued. “Actors love attention, and Cuba will need some camera-hungry attention seekers to give their attention to now that Fidel has become one one of the only good communists.  His brother Raul just doesn’t have the same charisma you know?  All of the poverty, none of the machismo. What do you think?  Should we send Lena Dunham, Cher, and Jon Stewart down to Cuba? They’d probably all convert to Islam in the hopes of sneaking into Gitmo. The meals are better, I hear. No Kellogg’s for one thing.”


1 thought on “Most sensible suggestion of the year”

  1. No, not Cuba, exactly. Send them all to Isla de Pinos off Cuba’s southern coast and keep them there, like a kind of celebrity Alcatraz. Cuba has been defiled enough already with all manner of vile foreign trash, starting with the asthmatic Argentine asshole whose fat cow of a daughter is still befouling Cuban soil.

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