After dictator’s death, Cuba’s regime demands USSR and North Korea-style ‘mourning’

Cuba’s communist dictatorship rules in the same repressive and murderous fashion as Stalin did in the Soviet Union and the Kim family dictatorship continues to do so in North Korea. It is then no surprise the Castro regime also demands its enslaved citizens to mourn the death of their tyrannical leader in the same manner.

John Suarez in Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Castro’s departure in Cuba reminiscent of Russia’s Stalin and North Korea’s Kim il Jong

Castroism like its North Korean counterpart is Stalinism light


Cuba under the Castro brothers is not only a communist dictatorship that systematically violates human rights, threatens world peace but Castroism also maintains its Stalinist characteristic regarding the death of a tyrant. Those who are not actively mourning the dictator’s death are being subjected to violent beatings, arrests and the threats of lengthy prison terms.

Crowds passing by in tears for Fidel Castro today as other crowds in the same manner paid their respects to Soviet tyrant Josef Stalin in 1953 and Kim il Jong in North Korea in 2011. These are examples of how totalitarianism operates and is still present in the world today with both North Korea and Cuba being high profile examples.

In 2012 reports appeared that North Koreans who did not mourn sufficiently the passing of the great leader were sent to forced labor camps. Today in Cuba reports arrive of a Cuban medical doctor and dissident, Eduardo Cardet, badly beaten and jailed by secret police for speaking critically of Fidel Castro and he has been threatened with a 15 year prison sentence. Other cases are emerging but one must also recall that in Cuba there is no free press and this type of news is difficult to come by.

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