New York Times suddenly discovers apartheid in Cuba, blames the U.S.

Good news: The Grey Lady finally discovers that there is rampant apartheid in Castro’s Cuba.

Bad news: Instead of blaming the apartheid Castro dictatorship, they blame the U.S.

Just another day at the New York Times, one of America’s most proficient purveyors of “Fake News.”

Our good friend Fausta Rodriguez Wertz in Da Tech Guy Blog:

The Former Newspaper™ discovers Cuba’s apartheid system, blames embargo

Nine or so years ago I spent an afternoon at the Princeton Public Library watching two American-made Cuban propaganda films. One of the films was titled The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil.

At the time I wrote,

The film praises the virtues of Medieval agriculture as practiced in modern-day Cuba, including the return to the use of oxen, and how superior plowing a field with two oxen is, compared to using tractors. My late father, who was not Cuban, had a farm and if he got wind of that he would have turned in his grave.

After I posted that, a  historian friend joked that the agricultural practices I described date back to the Iron Age, if not earlier, so let’s not give the Middle Ages a bad name.


Fast-forward to yesterday’s article in The Former Newspaper™ (as Andrew Klavan calls the NYTimes), Cuba’s Surge in Tourism Keeps Food Off Residents’ Plates by Azam Ahmed:

Tourists are quite literally eating Cuba’s lunch. Thanks in part to the United States embargo, but also to poor planning by the island’s government, goods that Cubans have long relied on are going to well-heeled tourists and the hundreds of private restaurants that cater to them, leading to soaring prices and empty shelves.

Yes, foreigners and anyone else paying in dollars eat better than ordinary Cubans (be assured that the regime’s elite are not going hungry). As in healthcare, the dictatorship has an apartheid system against its own people.

Otherwise, like Rick in Casablanca, Mr. Ahmed was misinformed…

To this day, ordinary Cubans are living in a regime where food rations are poorer than they were for slaves under the Spanish Empire.

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  1. This reminds me of a 1950s movie called The Girl Can’t Help It, because the old gray bitch can’t, either. If the NYT weren’t so pretentious and arrogant, it might actually be sad–though never as sad as those who take it at face value and buy its bilge as holy writ.

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