Surprise! Corruption and bribery discovered at King Raul’s port of Mariel

King Raul's Port of Mariel
King Raul’s Port of Mariel

Ha.  The same Brazilian anti-corruption dragnet that hauled Castronoid president Dilma Rousseff out of office has now also caught King Raul’s favorite construction firm, Odebrecht.

And it looks as if the king’s pet project at the port of Mariel has been dealt a very serious blow.

From Marti Noticias (loosely translated):

An investigation into corruption in Brazil has led to the suspension of Brazilian involvement in the construction of King Raul’s new cargo-ship port at Mariel.

Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht –which had been deeply involved in the construction of this new port — has had its multi-million dollar loans cancelled by Brazil’s National Bank of Economic and Social Development.

Widespread patterns of corruption involving Brazilian firms were also discovered in Argentina, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.

Dilma and King Raul celebrate their bribe-fueled project
Dilma and King Raul celebrate at their bribe-fueled project


In the case of the port of Mariel, as in other such projects, Operation “Lava Jato” uncovered a massive bribery scheme in which firms such as Odebrecht paid huge sums of money to government officials in exchange for lucrative contracts and other favors.

Never mind those other Latrine countries involved in this mess.  What about Castrogonia’s role in all this?

Well… Since the only politicians involved in the construction project at Mariel are all in King Raul’s inner circle, guess who benefited from those bribes?

Nothing really new here.  This kind of stuff is as old as Latrine America itself.

What is sort of new (only 57 years old) is the fact that the regime involved in these old-style Latrine shenanigans usually ends up being praised as “different” because it is on the left side of the political spectrum.

At this point, no one seems to know what will happen to King Raul’s Mariel project now that Odebrecht can’t be involved in building it.

And.. at this point… there are no details on how many millions of dollars in bribes have gone into the pockets of King Raul and his minions, or how many millions more they stand to lose now that Odebrecht has been removed from the picture.

Read the whole thing HERE (in Spanish).

Poor Dilma
Poor Dilma


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  1. Not to worry. Look…it’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s…Carlos Gutierrez (aka Supercubanoid) to the rescue! And, in the role of Supergirl, the Mogherini cretin (don’t hate her because she looks retarded, which is, like, sexist). Gee, I wonder what the Miami-area politicians who cozied up to Odebrecht will say now? Don’t worry; they’ll think of something (cue the Claude Rains Casablanca ploy). The shit thickens.

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