Normalization Circus Update: More abuse heaped upon Ladies in White

Totally ignored

Okay, okay, time to spell it out:

Ever since Mr. Obama visited the Castro Kingdom, King Raul has not allowed any dissidents to stage public protests.

His new tactic is to arrest potential protesters before they are able to raise their voices in public.

The change has been as abrupt as it has been obvious.

While King Raul waited for the lifting of sanctions, he allowed dissidents to be somewhat visible.

As soon as sanctions were lifted, King Raul no longer had to pretend to be a somewhat nice guy.

The once-somewhat- visible Ladies in White are now totally invisible virtual prisoners in their homes, instantly rounded up and roughed up the instant they step out their doors.

And ever since the European Union signed its Carte Blanche deal with King Raul, the repression has been increasing at an alarming rate.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

Berta Soler told Radio Martí that she and other Ladies in White were handcuffed and dragged along the pavement by police and State Security agents on Tuesday 20 December as they attempted to reach Havana’s Central Park.

Soler reports that over 35 women tried to reach the park in order to attend a “literary tea,” but most of them were arrested before they could get there.

Only six women managed to reach the park, where they were immediately arrested.

The nine Ladies in White who left their headquarters in the Lawton neighborhood of Havana managed to scatter a few leaflets on the street and they shouted slogans as they were being arrested, such as “freedom for the Cuban people”  and “Freedom and human rights for the Cuban people.”

Soler also reports that one of the women arrested — Ivonne Lemus–  was thrown to the ground so violently that she lost consciousness.

The whereabouts of another  of the arrested Ladies in White –Eralidis Frómeta Polanco– remain unknown.  She has simply disappeared and no one knows where she is.

Go HERE for the whole story in Spanish (includes audio recordings of reports by Ladies in White Berta Soler and Maulen Maidique

Totally ignored

And so it goes, so it goes, so it goes…. on and on and on and on and on…. and the tourists keep pouring in, to see Cuba “before it is ruined.”

Bastards, all of them. Cabrones, hijos e hijas de malas madres.

They fail to see that Cuba has already been ruined for decades and that the enslavement of the Cuban people keeps getting worse and worse with every tourist that sets foot on the island.

If this were a just world, Berta Soler would be an international celebrity, as widely revered as Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, Jr.

Aaaah, but this is NOT a just world.

No, Mildred, sorry to point this out.

No, it’s a world full of hypocrites who revere despots and their loathsome toadies rather than heroes and heroines who lay their lives on the line for human rights.

Will the Trumpinator keep his promises to get tough on King Raul, or will he just join all the other hypocrites?

Wait and see….

The monstrous "saint" and the Monster
Totally revered: The monstrous “saint” and his beloved Monster
Will he really care enough to keep his promises?
Will he really care enough to keep his promises?


2 thoughts on “Normalization Circus Update: More abuse heaped upon Ladies in White”

  1. Time will obviously tell, but we should definitely not expect any more from Trump than we got from Reagan, not to mention Bush II, who owed Cubans the presidency. As for Berta Soler and other Cuban dissidents, especially black ones, their function has been reduced to spotlighting the world’s brazen hypocrisy and bad faith, but those of us who care already knew that ages ago, and nobody else gives a shit.

  2. Berta Soler would be absolutely perfect for Oprah, The View, MSNBC, etc. IF she were up against a right wing dictatorship run by old white men; then those venues would be fighting to see who could do more with and for her–she’d be a household name by now, like other black Cuban dissidents. But, because she’s up against the regime instituted by a dear friend of Saint Mandela, a white dictator also admired by assorted prominent black Americans, Soler is a non-person (despite being blacker than Mandela himself). Funny how that works, or rather, not funny at all–in any sense.

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