The Obama legacy: First it was the Cubans and now the Israelis


We would rather be talking about Nochebuena and the holidays. However, the Obama administration pulled an ugly one today, a very ugly one.

Sadly, it’s the Obama way. Yesterday Cuba and today Israel!

First, a little history. In 2012, President Obama ran for reelection on false premises. He took a hard line in public against the Castro dictatorship. In fact, he was negotiating with Cuba to put a US Embassy in the island.

I believe that Mr. Obama would have lost Florida if Cubans had known what he was doing in secret with the Castro dictatorship. After all, President Obama carried the state by 75,000 votes out of 8,5 million!

To date, the Cuba deal has been nothing but a legacy item. In other words, Cubans have no hope and nothing has changed.

Today, President Obama threw Israel under the bus at the United Nations: US abstains in key Israel vote, clearing way for condemnation of settlements.

Wonder how all of those Jewish voters in New York City and the US feel about that? Senator Schumer, the incoming US Senate Minority Leader, did not like it either, as we see in this tweet.

How much more can harm can this man do? He’s got 30 days left!

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3 thoughts on “The Obama legacy: First it was the Cubans and now the Israelis”

  1. In principle, not to mention style, this is like the recent US abstention on the Cuba embargo vote at the UN–it’s classic Obama. But what percentage of the Jewish vote did Obama get, not just the first time but in 2012? Elections, like all serious choices, have consequences. However, maybe the very high percentage of Jews who voted for him is moot, since most if not all of them might well do it all over again.

    Fashion victimhood, even in politics, is a very powerful compulsion, especially among those who live in mortal fear of being “out of it.” Yes, Obama’s abstention now is both detestable and cowardly, but Jews who helped elect him have no right to complain–assuming, of course, this actually bothers them. As for Jewish Dem politicians like Schumer who are “protesting,” they’re merely being political. One reaps what one sows, and the people in question are hardly stupid, even if they’re deplorably unwise. Still, I suppose one should look on the bright side: Jimmy Carter, aka Mr. Righteousness, should heartily approve.

    And btw, just as this vote is the same kind of cheap, lowlife treachery and hijeputez as the Cuba embargo vote, secular American Jews who’ve made a religion out of being “progressive” regardless of what it means for Israel are the same as their Cubanoid counterparts who’ve similarly sold out–only worse, because Israel and Cuba are not exactly on the same level. Lord have mercy.

  2. Oh, and in the latest presidential election, Jewish voters went 3 to 1 for the Clintons, though I’m sure it was nothing personal–I expect they’d have done the same thing for Pelosi, Biden, or quite probably Keith Ellison.

  3. Obama presumably discussed this beforehand with American Jewish politicians (which he pointedly did not do with Cuban-American ones over his “normalization” scheme), though I expect his mind was already made up and he had no intention of changing it. In any case, it’s clear that this little parting gift from the Affirmed One, like his Cuba “legacy,” was on his rhymes-with-bucket list, and he basically told Israel and Jews the same thing he’d told Cubans: FUCK YOU. The difference is that the great majority of American Jews have been in his pocket since 2008, so he owed them much more than he owed Cubans. In other words, he stabbed Jews in the back, but they helped put the knife in his hands.

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