Hypocritical congressman compares Trump to Fidel

Rep. Steve Cohen
Rep. Steve Cohen

A rabidly pro-Castro congressman from Tennessee who accompanied Obama on his trip to Cuba has just raised leftist hysteria over the Trumpinator to a new level of hypocrisy by comparing Trump to Fidel Castro.

Congressman Steve Cohen (D – TN, Memphis) has traveled to Cuba many times and has consistently pushed pro-Castro legislation.

In a rambling fulmination that could win a prize for the densest concentration of Obamababble ever posted on the internet, Cohen has expressed nothing but gushing enthusiasm for the Normalization Circus.

Like many liberal hypocrites, Cohen likes to play up Cuban baseball, as if that were the key to understanding Cuba and to solving all its problems.

He was there with Obama at THE baseball game with Raul Castro.

And he has even showered King Raul and his minions with gifts.

Cohen boasts of being a friend of Cuban baseball legend Minnie Miñoso, and claims that Minnie’s son, Charlie, also gave him hats signed by Minnie to pass on to Obama and King Raul.  Cohen says he gave those to gifts to the State Department to present to Obama and the Cuban dictator and other “officials” of his regime.


Cohen’s statements on human rights abuses in Castrogonia have always been unsurprisingly muted and filled with platitudes and Obamababble.

Like most liberal hypocrites, if he does get around to mentioning repression in Castrogonia, he usually links that issue to the “isolation” created by the U.S. “embargo.”

So, what does he do now that the Obamapocalypse is at hand?

He compares Trump to Fidel in a CNN interview.

So, what is one to make of this comparison?

The answer is simple: In a desperate attempt to fan the flames of liberal hysteria, Cohen is explicitly admitting that Fidel was evil — though he had never done that before.

And this admission lays bare the sheer hypocrisy of the Left: it shows that they know damn well how evil Castrogonia is, and that they simply don’t care about that “evil” down there.

That “evil” down there only affects those inferior beings who live on the island.

The only “evil” that disturbs them is the loss of their hegemony here in the U.S.

You're Terminated !
You’re Terminated !

From CNN via Real Clear Politics:

REP. STEVE COHEN: The scary thing is about his [Trump’s] position with Russia, the last two people I remember in this Western Hemisphere that were so close to Russia were Armand Hammer, who loved oil and money, and Fidel Castro, who loved to talk for long periods of time, hated disloyalty and dissent, and eliminated it and was very much an ego-centric individual…

CNN: You’re comparing Donald Trump to Fidel Castro?

COHEN: Personality traits, indeed… You watch the Netflix program on ‘Cuba Libre,’ Castro needed to be the center of attention at all times. He executed certain of his comrades for trumped up charges because he wanted total control and wanted to put that fear into people. He was very close to his family and he had a multitudinous family. Didn’t trust others, and it was all about him and public speaking. He liked to speak on ad infinitum.

With the exception of the fact that [Castro] was dedicated to a philosophy, and to his country, making alliegence with Russia. There are a lot of personality traits that are similar.

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  1. Oh, they know Castro, Inc. is evil, alright. Nobody said they were stupid or even ignorant. They simply have their agenda and have zero problem with doing or saying whatever it takes to promote it, which includes brazen hypocrisy and outright lies. Such “inconsistency” doesn’t bother them–the ends justify the means, and that’s that. If you don’t believe me, ask Harry Reid, for one.

    As for Cohen, who is Jewish, being tight with Obama is all you need to know about him, quite apart from Cuba. In other words, we’re talking slimeball, and he looks it. And by the way, he has lived in Miami and actually graduated from Coral Gables High School in the latter 1960s, so maybe, like Janet Reno, he also liked pastelitos. Sheesh.

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