Cuba’s Lord High Executioner joins Fidel in the afterlife

King Raul and his Lord High Executioner
King Raul and his Lord High Executioner

Carlos Fernández Gondín, Castrogonia’s Minister of the Interior died on Saturday, 7 January, but “Granma” has yet to mention his passing.

In contrast, “Juventud Rebelde” (Rebel Youth), another organ of the Castro Ministry of Truth, not only announced his death, but mentioned that he would be buried on Monday 9 January at the Pantheon of Veterans, at the Colón cemetery in Havana.

The Ministry of the Interior is the government agency in charge of all repression on the island.

Minister Fernández Gondín, a sprightly youth, merely 78 years of age,  was one of the chief oligarchs of Castrogonia, and a member of the military junta that has ruled Cuba with an iron fist since 1959.  He joined the “Second Front” of the Castro guerillas  in 1958 and served under Raul Castro’s command.  He also took part in the turkey shoot at the Bay of Pigs as soon as the invaders of Brigade 2506 were abandoned by the U.S. and ran out of ammunition.  In addition, he was a founder of Cuba’s Communist Party and a member of its Central Committee.

Not very long ago, King Raul awarded him the medal of Hero of the Republic.

King Raul pins medal on Minister of the Interior
King Raul pins medal on his Lord High Executioner

In other words, the man was King Raul’s Lord High Executioner and he had quite a list of people to do away with and quite a lot of blood on his hands.

“Juventud Rebelde” praised this monster, saying ” The conduct of general Carlos Fernández Gondín exemplifies loyalty to the Party, the people, and the Revolution.”

Translation from Castrobabble:  the bastard was a cold-blooded thug and murderer whose chief aim in life was to enslave the Cuban people and to imprison, torture, and kill anyone who dared to oppose the Castro dynasty.

None of the usual experts seems to know why “Granma” has remained silent about his death.

Some experts on the Byzantine intrigues within the Castro oligarchy  suspect he could have fallen out of favor with King Raul, especially because he failed to show up this past summer at the 55th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Ministry of the Interior.

Aaaaah, the joys of a gerontocracy, where no one under the age of 75 has any real power, save the children of the gerontocrats!

Aaaaah, the joys of life under a Latrine American military junta.  Augusto Pinochet eat your heart out!

Aaaaah, the joys of running a white-ruled apartheid state in a land where blacks outnumber whites three-to-one!

Aaaaah, the joys of celebrating the creation of the Ministry of the Interior (Ministry of Fear) and excluding the Minister himself!

Aaaaah, the splendors, the wonders, the thrills of life at the tippy-top in the extraordinary, incredible, inimitable, exceptional Kingdom of Castrogonia!

Photo below: celebrants at the 55th anniversary party of the Ministry of Fear.

We’re THE Party, so let’s party! To hell with the Minister.


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  1. Real military men, especially generals, would never wear uniforms that look like pajamas to a formal occasion. These clowns are so fake it’s almost funny. Oh, and love that “nursing home for really old frauds” photo at the MININT party. The optics are so bad that it’s hard to believe they’d even publish it, but maybe they’re in denial, or they’ve come to accept a kind of “magical realism” as normal.

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