Cuba built a wall, and America paid for it

A quite apropos and interesting take on Obama’s last-minute Cuba immigration policy change.

Via Tersites (my translation):

Barack Obama: The Donald Trump for Cubans

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One week before ending his term, with a stroke of a pen – as he has been known to do – President Obama finished building a wall to keep out Cubans just like the wall Trump promised to keep out Mexicans, which caused much outrage. Many people were incensed when Trump began to threaten to build the wall and denounced him as racist, a troglodyte, and for being inhumane. It is curious to see, however, that now some of those people “understand” Obama’s decision to turn the Florida Straits into the deepest wall in the world.

Let us forget for a moment the history of the Cuban Adjustment Act. Let’s forget “details” such as the fact that Cuba has been existing in an autocracy for the past 60 years where the leader always has the same last name. Let us forget that this autocracy had nuclear weapons in its territory and that its leader begged the Soviet Union to use them in a “preemptive” attack against the United States, which would have sparked World War III.

Let’s approach this matter with a healthy does of amnesia. Let us consider that Cuba is a country like any other country – for example, Mexico. Let’s consider then the reasons given for the decision to send back to the island any refugee who is caught in the United States without a visa.

  1. Obama says – as well as the Cuban government and those who support either – that up until yesterday, Cubans enjoyed an undeserved privilege: the ability to stay in the United States simply because they made it here. “Let them be like everyone else,” they say. It is the same logic that Donald Trump uses to justify building his wall. Trump might ask: “Why would Mexicans, just because they have a border with us, have the privilege of coming to the United States whenever they want and after a few years receive legal status?” Would this not be, for example, an injustice to Indonesians? Then let them all be Indonesians: that way we will all be the same. This is the only way we achieve justice.

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