Top Castro Diplomat Waves Her Bejeweled Chancleta at Donald Trump

Josefina "La Chancletera" Vidal
Josefina “La Chancletera” Vidal

In case you’re not Cuban and don’t know, a “chancleta” is a flip-flop, preferably hard-soled.

In traditional Cuban culture, the “chancleta” has had a long association with ill manners and the boorish behavior Cubans call “chusmería.”

A “chusma” is a boor, a vulgarian, usually full of bluster, and also usually a bully.

The Castro dynasty are chief exemplars of “chusmería.”  Yes, royalty and nobility in Castrogonia are all “chusmas.”

Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and Cubans who enjoy taking part in Acts of Repudiation have also had a long tradition of perfecting the art of “chusmería.”

Chusmas hard at work
Chusmas hard at work

Part of the charm of feminine “chusma” culture is the wielding of the “chancleta” as a weapon — either in altercations with relatives or neighbors, or in the disciplining of children at home.

Use of the “chancleta” always involves the loud shouting of threats, expletives, and profanities, usually of a most colorful and inventive sort.

Okay, enough of a preface…..On to the story….

In typical “chusma” Castronoid fashion, top diplomat Josefina Vidal, one of the architects of the Normalization Circus, waved her bejeweled upper-class “chancleta” wildly at the Trumpinator yesterday, basically staging a one-woman Act of Repudiation.

Britain’s best-known leftist rag, The Guardian, (Pravda/Granma of the Midlands), gave Josefina la Chancletera a megaphone yesterday, through which she could shout her threats against the Trumpinator.


Top diplomatic negotiator in Cuba warns Trump: ‘aggression doesn’t work’

Exclusive: Josefina Vidal, who has led the island’s negotiating team since 2013, says Cuba will not be cowed by the incoming president’s bluster and threats

Senior Cuban negotiators say the island will not be cowed by intimidation and bluster from Donald Trump, despite the incoming US president’s threat to rekindle cold war animosities.

“Aggression, pressure, conditions, impositions do not work with Cuba. This is not the way to attempt to have even a minimally civilised relationship with Cuba,”Josefina Vidal, a foreign ministry department head, told the Guardian.

Cuba’s wait-and-see approach is guided by Trump’s unpredictability – and the knowledge that all previous 11 US administrations held talks with representatives from Havana despite the often hawkish public rhetoric coming from Washington.

Vidal has led the island’s negotiating team with the US since 2013, including 18 months of secret discussions, facilitated by Canada and the Vatican, that led to the joint announcement by Cuban president Raúl Castro and Barack Obama on 17 December 2014 of a normalisation of diplomatic relations.

Trump has warned that he is prepared to undo that progress. During the US election campaign, he told an audience of rightwing Cuban exiles in Miami: “All of the concessions that Obama has granted the Castro regime were done through executive order, which means the next president can reverse them and that is exactly what I will do unless the Castro regime meets our demands.”

But Cuban officials say that they plan to wait for action rather than words because Trump has repeatedly flip-flopped on the issue of rapprochement – and also put his business interests above his country’s laws.

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Chancleta -proof
Chancleta -proof

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  1. I did not realize how close, not to say the same, are the meaning and use of chancleta and chusma in Venezuela. It is kind of eerie and I wonder whether it has a relation to our common political fate………

  2. Aggression doesn’t work? Well, appeasement sure as hell hasn’t, so looks like what’s needed is a change.

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