Castronoids and Obamanoids sign more treaties in final hours before Trumpmageddon


No fine details in this WaPo news story below, but you can bet all such details concern great benefits for the Castro dynasty and zero benefits for the U.S.

Check out the details for yourself in HERE, in this announcement from the U.S. embassy in Havana.   It speaks about a lot of “information sharing”  and about “designating liaison officers in their respective territories.”   Yeah, liaison officers, sure.

Yeah.  You know how good Castro, Inc. is about sharing anything or about being honest or disinterested in gaining any advantage.  Yeah.

Then there is this little clause in there, tucked away as a non-sequitur, about “Respecting the principles of sovereign equality of states and non-interference in their internal affairs.”

Wow.  Equality.  Non-interference.  Double wow.

Then there is a section on cooperation in “Transnational crimes” that totally ignores the issue of American criminals who are living in Cuba, immune from U.S. law.

And, then there is this bit about not allowing  “Trafficking in any kind of contraband goods, including fire arms, their parts, components, ammunition, explosives, cash money and monetary instruments and other crimes involving cultural heritage.”

Santa Mierda!  Never mind North Korea-bound ships full of all sorts of contraband, or the Odebrecht bribes, all the narcotrafficking, and all the personal belongings stolen from Cubans that count as cultural heritage.

It’s all forgiven…and will always be forgiven, due to non-interference clauses.

If you want to give yourself an ulcer, go ahead, read the whole thing.  There are many other horrific details to be found in this sub-radar treaty.

One can only hope that the Trumpinator will somehow notice and nullify  this treaty and all such others.

But… in the final 24 hours of Obama’s shameful reign, don’t be surprised if he gives back Guantanamo Naval Base, lifts the “embargo,” and reveals that a few weeks ago he sent King Raul a plane carrying billions of dollars in reparations for the “harm” done to Castrogonia by the U.S. for the past 58 years.




From the Washington Post

U.S.-Cuba sign torrent of agreements under the inauguration wire

The United States and Cuba on Wednesday signed a treaty delineating their maritime boundary in the eastern Gulf of Mexico amid a torrent of last-minute negotiations between the two governments in the outgoing days of the Obama administration.

In the past two weeks, Washington and Havana also inked agreements on joint responses to potential oil spills and other pollution in the gulf and the Florida Straits; cooperation on law enforcement and information sharing; and maritime and aeronautical search and rescue.

Teams from the two governments also held their third meeting on outstanding monetary and property claims and held discussions about cooperation on human trafficking….

… Since Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro announced in December 2014 that they would normalize relations, the two governments have established a number of task forces to resolve outstanding issues between them.

That process sped up considerably this month as President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration approached. Trump has said that Obama got a “bad deal” from Cuba and that Castro should have made more concessions toward civic and political freedoms on the island.

Read the whole article HERE

Tick, tock, tick, tock….

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