Castronoid spy involved in drug trade sought by U.S.


This story seems eerily reminiscent of the movie script for the Al Pacino version of  “Scarface.”

A Marielito arrives in Miami and quickly becomes involved in the drug trade.

But that’s not all.  This Marielito was a Castronoid spy, trained by the KGB and Stasi, and he did not limit his activities to drug smuggling.

He has always managed to elude his pursuers, even after he was arrested in South Africa.

A hefty bribe convinced his South African judge to release him, on the grounds that no one could be found to translate some documents from Portuguese to English.

Read all about this Cuban spy/Scarface/ “Houdini” of the drug world.

Oh, the wonders of the “New Man” produced by Castroism.


From The Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

The story of Cuban fugitive Nelson Pablo Yester-Garrido has all the elements of a spy thriller, including spies, submarines, fast cars, Russian mobsters, arrests, escapes and a strip club.

Yester-Garrido, now 47, was arrested in 2002 in Johannesburg by police acting on an Interpol warrant that detailed charges including racketeering and conspiracy to import narcotics to the United States. A Mercedes Benz SL500, $30 000 and several allegedly fraudulent passports were seized.

Claims were also aired at the time that he was a KGB-schooled intelligence agent, trained to fly MIG fighter jets: “a real James Bond”, is how one friend describes him. Yester-Garrido denies any intelligence background.

In South Africa, he posed as Antonio Lamas, a Mexican dealer in aircraft spares. According to the friend, who asked not to be named, Yester-Garrido became part of a tight-knit circle that included Glenn Agliotti. (See “Agliotti and the Cuban ‘drug lord’”.)

Despite his denials, Yester-Garrido has been found guilty of “illegal activity” at least once, and the US extradition request provides plenty of support for allegations that he is a habitual criminal.

Affidavits attached to the request outline the story as seen by Florida prosecutors and federal law enforcement agents in the US, where he has been convicted of passing himself off as an American citizen, as well as being indicted on charges that “from the late 1980s through early 1997 [he] — was part of a group of individuals involved in importing cocaine into the US and transporting it to various locations”.

“[Yester-Garrido] and this group were negotiating for the purchase of a Russian diesel submarine for Columbian drug suppliers, who intended to use it to transport cocaine to the west coast of the US and Canada,” one affidavit says.

Ludwig “Tarzan” Fainberg and Juan Almeida, who were indicted with Yester-Garrido, have already been convicted on similar charges.

Yester-Garrido got his start in the Mariel boat lift, the May 1980 exodus of Castro opponents and convicted criminals from Cuba to south Florida. He was granted refugee status in the US, but remained a Cuban citizen, according to an affidavit by FBI special agents Randal Glass and Anthony Cuomo.

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