Cuban State Security violently arrests more than 50 Ladies in White in another Sunday of repression

As America enjoyed the Super Bowl yesterday and another Sunday with family and friends, Cuba’s courageous dissidents were once again violently assaulted and arrested by the State Security forces of the apartheid Castro dictatorship. The arrests took place as defenseless women from the Ladies in White attempted to attend church services and carry out their weekly peaceful protest march. By the end of the day, more than 50 of them had been arrested, many of them violently.

Diario de Cuba has the report (my translation):

State Security arrests more than 50 Ladies in White in various provinces

ladies in white arrests

According to information provided to Diario de Cuba by sources in the internal dissidence, more than 50 Ladies in White all over the country were arrested to prevent them from attending mass or participating in the #TodosMarchamos (We all march) campaign.

“At this moment in Havana, 24 women have been arrested, in Palma Soriano, another 7; in Guantanamo, one; Bayamo, five, and in Ciego de Avila another activist, but these numbers may increase,” said Lismeirys Quintana.

“The sisters leave their homes, some of them are able to get to their destination, others are arrested the moment they step outside,” she added.

Deysi Artiles reported that at the headquarters of the Ladies in White, only the group’s leader Berta Soler and former political prisoner Angel Moya came out. Both were arrested.

“On the corner of Porvenir and E Street (Lawton), we were able to see how they intercepted Yolanda Santana y Mailen Gonzalez Gonzalez with extreme violence and took them away in a patrol car,” said Artiles.

“Here at the headquarters, three Ladies in White remained behind: Lismeirys Quintana, Zenaida Hidalgo, and myself,” she explained.

Former political prisoner Ivan Hernandez Carrillo reported that in Matanzas, 17 women were arrested.

“Just in Colon, before they were able to get to Sunday mass, Ladies in White Caridad Burunate, Maira Garcia, Tania Echeverria, Asuncion Carrillo, and Yudaixis Perez were arrested. The five of them were held at the Matanzas police headquarters from 10 am until 3 pm,” he said.

The independent journalist also reported the he too had been intercepted and arrested. During the arrest, he explained that five regime agents “violently beat me on the head and neck” moments after he left his home “on my way to mass.”

“Three of them were from State Security and two from the National Revolutionary Police, all from station 208 in Colon,” he posted on Twitter after his release.