Learning how to speak Miamian: Words you need to know to effectively communicate in Miami

I came across this list of words that you only hear in Miami and it is pretty accurate. If you know these words and their meaning, you are well on your way to communicating effectively in Miami.

However, I am very disappointed this list leaves out one of my favorite Miamian words; embarcate (em-bar-kate). That is the Miami way to describe being stood up or when you get stuck somewhere or in the company of a less than desirable person.

(Example 1: I’ll wait for you outside after work so you can pick me up, don’t embarcate me. Example 2: Maria dragged me to this crappy party and I got embarcated there.)

Samantha Melchor in Odyssey:

17 Terms Only Miamians Understand

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1) Dale

You want to go to Miami Beach this weekend? Dale. You want to ask that guy out that you’ve been eyeing in algebra? Dale. You want to eat so many croquetas you look pregnant? Dale.

2) Chisme

Always given to you by one of your tias, immediately passed along to your cousins, you know you’re in for a good roast session of whoever it’s about, usually shared over a cafecito (see next definition).

3) Cafecito

Who needs 5-hour energy when Cuban coffee is a thing? One of these babies will have you feeling invincible all day – till you crash, that is.

4) Pastelitos

God’s gift to man. That is all.

5) Chonga

By definition, they make the Papis go crazy, they use Sharpie as lip-liner, no one can glue their hair quite like them and all their jewelry can be found at the flea market for $2.99.

6) Pitbull

Ah, yes. Good old Armando Christian Perez, the pride and joy of Miami. You know you jam to Mr. 305, don’t lie to yourself.

7) Bird Road

Avoid at all costs between the hours of 7:00am and 7:00pm.

8) Tropical Park

Sunday birthday party central, home to Santa’s Enchanted Forest and the highest point of elevation in Miami, yeah you know the hill I’m talking about.

9) Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Games, food, rides, festivities! If you can’t afford to go to Mickey’s Christmas Party in Disney, hop on over to Santa’s! More like Santa’s Infected Forest, am I right people?

10) Reffy

Essentially, this is just the Miami version of the colloquial term “ratchet.” Often prefaced by the word “super” – it’s a thing.

See the rest of the list HERE.

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  1. Pitbull? Please. Yes, I know of him. I know of all sorts of people, Cuban and otherwise, who play no part in my life. You know, like Mr. & Mrs. Z, the Estefans, Jimmy Fallon and “His Holiness.” Oh, and by the way, comemierda is one word, just like asshole.

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