Pope Francis to meet with The Trumpinator in a few months


Expect sparks to fly.

The Trumpinator may not get the same kind of reception as Fidel, Raul, Obama, or Evo Morales.

He could be in for some serious finger-wagging and scolding.

Papa Che is always totally silent about human rights abuses in socialist/communist countries, but always has plenty of scolding in store for capitalist democracies.

Let’s see what happens.

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From The Tablet:

The first meeting between the Pope and President Donald Trump may take place at the end of May, when the US president travels to Italy for a summit of world leaders.

According to diplomatic sources, Mr Trump will meet Francis during the visit. The G7 leaders are gathering in Sicily and the White House confirmed yesterday that the president would attend the meeting.

Officially, the Holy See are not commenting on when the Pope will meet Trump, but Vatican insiders say that the 26 – 27 May summit in Taormina presents an opportunity for them to see each other.

The logic of a Trump-Francis meeting in May is backed up by the fact that both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush used G8 summits in Italy as ways to have their first meetings with pontiffs.

“This visit gives the president an opportunity to meet the Pope,” one diplomatic source explained. “And if he came to Italy without seeing Francis it would be seen as a snub, particularly given their earlier clashes over migration. Trump also sees that wherever you sit on the political spectrum attacking the papacy isn’t wise.”

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So happy to meet Papa Che


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  1. I suppose it’s just protocol BS, but meeting Don Francisco is not only a waste of time but giving him the importance he presumes to have and certainly wants but absolutely does not merit. Let him stick to religion, whatever his may be, and leave secular matters to those with actual skin in the game.

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