Cuba’s apartheid regime kicks off 2017 with nearly 500 political arrests of peaceful dissidents in January

A member of the opposition movement Ladies in White is arrested during a demonstration on International Human Rights Day in December 2015.

Cuba’s apartheid Castro regime has gotten off to a roaring start in 2017 with nearly 500 political arrests of peaceful dissidents in the month of January. According to the Cuban independent human rights organization the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN), there were 478 political arrests carried out in January by Cuban State Security with many of them including the brutal beating of peaceful human rights activists. This figure surpasses the number of political arrests in December and puts the repressive totalitarian regime of the Castros on pace for another year with thousands of dissident arrests.

According to former president Barack Obama, his “Hope and Change” policy of abandoning Cuba’s dissidents and rewarding the apartheid Castro dictatorship with countless unilateral concessions was going to “empower” the Cuban people and help them realize their dream of ending tyranny on the island. However, as the chart below and the scars and wounds on Cuban dissidents indicate, his policy served only to further empower the Cuban regime and ensure their tyranny continues.

ccdhrn arrests jan 2017

See the entire CCDHRN report (in Spanish) HERE.