Apartheid wedding turns hellish for British couple in Castrogonia

Broken ribs for groom, gash on the head for bride
Broken ribs for groom, gash on the head for bride

From our esteemed Schadenfreude Department.

A couple of apartheid-loving Brits who planned a lavish wedding in Cuba suffered a gigantic disappointment when the roof of their wedding venue collapsed.

Many were injured, including the bride and groom and their two children.

Needless to say, the Castro regime collected a lot of money from these newlyweds and their 24 guests, but won’t have to pay a shilling in compensation for injuries, trauma, and distress.

The suckers paying for damages will be the tour company Thomas Cook, long-time specialists in Cuban apartheid tourism.  Right now they’re looking for eyewitnesses to the accident, as if that will help them place the blame on Castro, Inc., the real owner of this apartheid resort.

So… is it wrong to feel good about this couple’s bad luck?

They chose to spend $31,287 for a wedding in one of the most repressive and impoverished countries on earth.

(Quick calculation: for a Cuban worker to afford such a wedding he/she would have to work for 105 years and save every penny for that event).

Even worse, they hoped it would be “the wedding of their dreams.”

How can human beings get so screwed up?  What’s wrong with these people?  Why is their moral compass so out of whack?

And why aren’t they shunned as moral monsters, bigots, racists, etc…?

Because Cubans are considered subhuman not just by them, but by those who would normally make such judgments.

Face it brothers and sisters, we Cubans matter less to these people than the fungus under their toenails.

Wedding venue from hell
Wedding venue from hell

From The Sun (UK)

Sarah and John Wenham had saved for years for ‘the wedding of their dreams’ in Cuba, costing more than £25,000 for themselves and 24 guests.

But they were left fearing for their lives when the lobby roof at Sol Rio De Luna y Mares Hotel, in Cuba, suddenly buckled and collapsed – trapping them underneath and injuring many members of the wedding party, including the bride.

Sarah, 35, said: “We were just about to meet with hotel staff to discuss our wedding plans in the lobby, when John pointed out the ceiling as it started to move.

“A loud ‘bang’ followed as the roof then suddenly collapsed and fell upon us, trapping us underneath.”

Tour company Thomas Cook have now apologised for the incident in August last year, saying they had done “everything we could” to support the family.

Sarah relived the horror, saying that roof debris knocked the group “clean to the ground”.

She said: “It was so heavy that I couldn’t move under it, and I was terrified because I couldn’t get to my daughters who I could hear screaming from somewhere beneath the debris.

“I saw the blood start to gush from my head and I genuinely thought in that moment that I was going to die.”

Keep reading HERE.… more horror stories, for sure, if you like this sort of stuff… and lots of gory photos too…

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  1. Oh, please. It’s obviously the embargo’s fault. Or global warming. Move along.

    As for Cubans mattering less to these people than the fungus under their toenails, that’s not true. Cubans matter much less to them than that.

  2. Oh, and don’t even dream of asking for a refund from the wedding venue, OK? Not unless you want to provoke hysterical laughter and/or incur a fine.

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