New luxury 5-star apartheid hotel to open in Havana

Stolen property
Stolen property

Aaaaaah.  The joys of NOT being Cuban.

Imagine, if you’re not Cuban and you have plenty of disposable income, you could stay in this new luxury hotel.

But you’d better hurry and get there before Castrogonia “loses its purity.”

Never mind the fact that this building was stolen from its rightful owners, the Gómez-Mena family.  It was built by “wealthy businessman” José Gómez-Mena Vila between 1890 and 1918.

And never mind the fact that all the other landmark buildings mentioned in the article below were also stolen from their owners.

In Castrogonia, there can only be one owner: Castro, Inc., and the Swiss cretins who will manage this hotel could be in for a surprise down the line.

Their investment in this totally revolting venture is as subject to confiscation as anything else in Castrogonia.

The hotel was renovated by two fake companies owned and run by Castro, Inc.: Habaguanex and Gaviota.  

One can only assume that the Swiss managers paid a princely sum for the permission to run this hotel, in exchange for a small share of the income that it will generate for its owner, Castro, Inc.

Meanwhile, those Swiss cretins are probably asking Castro, Inc. for permission to hire Smokin’ Graciela and her maidens as decorative reminders of what Cuba used to be like before it “lost its purity.”

Absolutely disgusting……….

Aaaah, viva el apartheid!
Aaaah, viva el apartheid!

From Robb Report:

Havana’s New Kempinski Is Cuba’s First True Five-Star Hotel

Since 2015, when former President Barack Obama asked Congress to lift the nearly 60-year-long trade and financial embargo with Cuba, the tropical Caribbean island has been on the top of everyone’s list of must-see travel destinations. For those with wanderlust, the newly opened borders mark the end of an unadulterated era when the island has been frozen in time, and travelers and hospitality companies alike have been rushing to Cuba before it loses its purity.

Winning the accommodation race is Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group Kempinski. American companies still aren’t allowed to build in Cuba, and the 120-year-old Swiss company (which currently operates 75 five-star hotels and residences in 30 countries) just announced its newest endeavor. Opening later this year, the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana will be Cuba’s first true five-star hotel, and one of the country’s first significant steps into the modern Western world.

Befittingly, the forward progression is still rooted in the island’s rich culture. The hotel will be housed within the historic Manzana de Gómez building. Dating to 1890, the grandiose five-story structure was Cuba’s first European-style shopping center with over 500 departments that included stores, business offices, law firms, and notaries. Adding to its historical importance, Manzana de Gómez is located at the heart of Habana Vieja (Old Havana)—a portion of Cuba’s capital city that was founded in 1519 by Spain and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Flanked by Bacardi rum’s art deco bell tower and the National Museum of Fine Arts, Manzana de Gómez is part of the city’s lifeblood. It also overlooks the Capitol, the Great Theater of Havana, and El Floridita—the infamous fish restaurant and cocktail bar that Ernest Hemingway frequented. Hotel guests can easily walk to Old Havana’s main interconnecting artery Calle Obispo (which is packed with art galleries, shops, and music bars), and the famous Castillo del Morro lighthouse (which has guarded the entrance to Havana Bay since 1589) is only a 10-minute drive.

Inside the restored neoclassical building, Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski Manzana La Habana will offer 246 rooms and suites. Ranging in size from about 430 to 1,615 square feet, each offers a crisp contemporary white color palette with vaulted ceilings, large French windows, and fun pops of bright colors that feel inherently Cuban. Amenities include an approximately 10,765-square-foot Swiss Resense spa, three restaurants, a lobby bar, a rooftop terrace with a swimming pool, and free internet in every room—which is huge considering Cuba is one of the least digitally connected countries in the world.

For a few more details and more offensive photos go HERE.

Or go HERE to the hotel web site.


"Authentic" Cuban who will greet guests at the door
Authentic  “pure” Cuban who will greet guests at the door

2 thoughts on “New luxury 5-star apartheid hotel to open in Havana”

  1. It is truly obscene and beyond vile to talk about purity, of all things, in connection with a hellacious and ruinous totalitarian dystopia like Castrogonia. I realize that outsiders can never grasp the reality of the situation like Cubans do, but one would think the merest propriety, not to say decency, would dictate greater tact and discretion–if only for the sake of appearances. The fact that there is practically nothing in the way of tact or discretion, let alone solidarity or support, and that frankly outrageous language and conduct are routinely displayed by all and sundry as if that were completely reasonable is obviously extremely telling. The world, simply and unequivocally, is full of shit. Lord, the disgust.

  2. As for Graciela, she’s pretty pure, alright, but not as pure as the colonial slave-era Mammy types, who are, of course, the ultimate in purity. Just ask Canadians and the rest of the tourist bastards.

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