No outcry or protests over Cuban migrants excluded from U.S. by Obama

Cubans stranded in Mexico
Cubans stranded in Mexico

While anti-Trumpers scream their lungs out over the Trumpinator’s immigration policies, a large group of would-be immigrants is being ignored.

And they’re being ignored because their plight is not Trump’s fault, but rather Obama’s.

In many ways what is happening to these individuals and families is worse than that of most “Muslims” temporarily banned from the U.S. or that of Latin Americans trying to sneak in illegally.

Of course, these forgotten — and widely despised “migrants” — are Cuban.

Obama’s abrupt cancellation of the refugee status granted to Cubans under the “Wet foot – Dry foot” policy established in the 90’s has left a large number of Cubans stranded in Mexico and other countries.

Those stranded in Mexico find themselves trapped in a dangerous limbo, in which they are prey to criminals and in constant danger of extortion, kidnapping, and all other sorts of abuse.

For many, their worst fear is deportation.

And deportation is the most likely end to their migratory hopes.

Yesterday, a Mexican newspaper reported that 79 Cubans had voluntarily returned to Nuevo Laredo from the U.S. after being chased away by threats from U.S. authorities.

Good luck finding news stories about the “discrimination,” “bigotry,” “racism,” and “xenophobia” that is preventing these migrants from entering the U.S.

Yes, Mildred, good luck.

But at least you can find something to read about these victims of leftist selective indignation  HERE, at Marti Noticias, in Spanish, and HERE at Translating Cuba, in English.


2 thoughts on “No outcry or protests over Cuban migrants excluded from U.S. by Obama”

  1. The solution is simple: let all those well-heeled Cubans here who are on record as supporting Obama’s Cuba policy, and Obama’s collaborator, “His Holiness,” deal with this situation, for which they are responsible. However, I wouldn’t exactly hold my breath.

  2. As for the highly selective indignation of the left, like its highly selective “morality,” that’s the only kind they have or understand, so there won’t be any other. It’s simply not in them.

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