Cuban family sentenced to prison, threatened with death

Dissident family
Dissident family

Aaaah, the wonders of living in a communist utopia!

Free health care.  Free education.  Free harassment.  Free acts of repudiation.  Free death threats.  And, best of all, free prison sentences for speaking your mind.

Why aren’t millions of people migrating to this paradise?

It’s a huge mystery, for sure.  Hard to explain.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

The Directorio Democrático Cubano reports to Diario de Cuba that Anairis and Adairis Miranda Leyva, Fidel Manuel Batista Leyva have been sentenced to one year in prison and their mother Maydolis Leyva Portelles has been placed under house arrest –also for one year — after a sham trial in their province of Holguín.

This family of dissidents, all associated with the Reflexión Movement, also report that a military official of the Castro regime, Freddy Agüero has “threatened them with death.”

Anairis Miranda Leyva declared that their “trial” on monday was packed with representatives of the Castro regime, including the top provincial official of the Ministry of the Interior, the local chief of State Security, a Liutenant Coronel from the Armed Forces, a chief of police, and many other agents from the Ministry of the Interior.

To add insult to injury, they were also subjected to an act of repudiation by their neighbors.

Adaoros Miranda Leyva revealed that Freddy Agüero’s death threat was quite specific: “when you get to prison you will be killed by some inmates.” In addition, he sent a message through another dissident friend of theirs: “that the coffins for their funerals were ready and waiting for them,” and that the authorities “had a case of beer ready for a celebration.”

The family vows to keep struggling for human rights despite the threats and their prison sentences.

Their “crime” was to protest the arrest of fellow dissident Dr. Eduardo Cardet.

Full story HERE in Spanish.