Cuban “migrants” trapped in unlikely place by Obama executive order

Cubans trapped in Serbia

Serbia is not known as a haven for Cuban refugees.

Yet, due to the resourcefulness of Cubans who are eager to find any available route out of their hell-hole of an island, Serbia is now stuck with 168 Cubans.

Or, perhaps it’s more accurate to say that those Cubans are stuck in Serbia.

All this thanks to Obama’s last-minute executive order, which shut the door on thousands of would-be Cuban refugees.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, a much larger number of trapped Cuban “migrants” have appealed for help from the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights because they fear being returned to Castrogonia.

Where is the outrage?  Where are the petitions for a change in policy?  Where are the heart-rending news stories about the individuals and families being affected by Obama’s cold-heartedness? Why is this particular sort of bigotry and xenophobia being ignored?

Yeah… well….rhetorical question, Mildred.  You know the answers to all those questions. You know damn well.

Still having an impact on "those people," see?
Still having an impact on “those people,” see?

From Thomson-Reuters Foundation:

Cubans living in Serbian reception centres, stranded after below-freezing temperatures and closed borders halted their journeys

As snow falls outside a migrant centre along a highway near the Serbian town of Adaševci, a large Cuban family huddles together in their bedroom, idly playing with their mobile phones to pass the time.

With old photos dotting her walls and laundry hanging by her frosty windows, Tania Hernandez’s tiny room – which she shares with six family members – is a far cry from sunny Havana, the Caribbean island capital she left behind in August last year.

But living in these cramped conditions is nothing compared to the political repression Hernandez said she had to endure.

“We decided to leave because in Cuba there’s no freedom. We were very tired of so much repression upon our shoulders, it was too much,” the Spanish-speaking mother of three said through a translator.

The family is part of a small but growing number of Cubans travelling through the Balkans towards Spain, the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM) says.

The unlikely migrant route from Cuba to Spain via Russia and the Balkans became apparent at the height of the European migration crisis in 2015, said IOM’s Western Balkans coordinator Peter Van der Auweraert.

“The route is attractive because they don’t need a visa to go to Russia,” he said in a telephone interview. “So at least they can get close to the (European Union) without any visa issues.”

As of Jan. 25, there were 168 Cubans living in Serbian reception centres, according to IOM, stranded after below-freezing temperatures and closed borders halted their journeys.

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  1. Cubans continue to pay dearly for having fucked up really, really badly and put themselves at the mercy of the presumed kindness of strangers. This distinctly compromised position is made considerably worse by being on the wrong side of fashion and political correctness, which means the strangers have very little if any incentive to even pretend to care, but do have incentive to be indifferent or worse.

    Thus, the continual, ongoing screwing over of Cubans in general and the antagonism toward “those people” in particular. The disastrous folly of falling for the “revolution” is simply taking its toll, as it has done for nearly 60 years. Maybe, if Cubans are at all redeemable, they’ll know better than to ever do anything even remotely that stupid and infantile again (and I’m not talking about the likes of those who weren’t so much fools or suckers as opportunists, because that type will always do the same thing).

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