Cardet Update: Trial postponed

Dr. Eduardo Cardet
Dr. Eduardo Cardet

Dr. Eduardo Cardet’s trial –which was set for Monday February 20 — has been postponed indefinitely.

His wife Yaimaris Vecino was informed of the postponement this past Friday night by the lawyer appointed to this case by the Castro regime.

“We don’t know when he’ll be tried,” said his wife.

Cardet has been in prison since November 30, when he was arrested and brutally beaten.

This is how the justice system works in Castrogonia.  Justice is whatever the Castro regime deems just.

King Louis XIV of France was fond of saying “L’etat c’est moi‘ (‘I am the state’).  King Raul loves to say that too, pronouncing it Letá se muá.


But one refrain is not enough for King Raul of Castrogonia.  So he prefers to add another one: “La loi c’est moi” (I am the law)… or as Raul would most likely pronounce it, La luá se muá.

One can only assume that this trial postponement has something to do with the fuss raised over Cardet’s case by Amnesty International.

Pope Francis might be involved too.  Cardet’s father sent a special plea to the Holy Father.  But….don’t get your hopes up…. given Papa Che’s political leanings, it’s hard to imagine that he’s chastising King Raul for his naughtiness.

For the full story, go HERE to Marti Noticias.

La loi, c'est moi.....
La luá se muá, y pa’l carajo con todos….

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  1. Louis XIV made France the first country in Europe, and on account of his reign, the French still refer to the 17th century as Le Grand Siècle, because it was one of the richest and most brilliant periods of France’s history. Needless to say, nothing even remotely comparable can be said of the Castro era, and even pig French would be far too rich for either Castro bastard. Indeed, during the current dictator’s recent state visit to France, his goon of a grandson, who acts as his bodyguard, made such a spectacle and nuisance of himself by flouting protocol that Hollande had to intervene personally to get him under some kind of control–and obviously, grandpa was responsible for his loutish behavior. Besides, DNA will tell.

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