Wonders of Socialism Update: Vast majority of Venezuelans are slowly starving to death

Venezuelans search for food in garbage dump
Venezuelans scavenge for food in garbage dump

I was going to entitle this post “Caracastan Update,” but this piece of news is not just about Venenozuela/Caracastan, it’s really about the effects of Castro-style socialism.

As our esteemed reader Asombra pointed out while commenting on an earlier post on this subject, no one in Venezuela can shift blame for their country’s absolute collapse to an “embargo” or “blockade.”

The grim failure of Venenozuela/Caracastan is a direct result of choices made by a majority of Venezuelans over the past decade and a half.

If any outsiders are to blame at all, it would be the Castronoids, of course, who are directly behind all of the policies that drove this oil-rich nation into the sinkhole of redistributive totalitarian “social justice.”

These statistics on starvation in Venezuela come from the same study that determined that 82 percent of Venenozuela’s population are below the poverty line.

Venezuelan child
Venezuelan child

From The Blaze

New study shows 75 percent of Venezuelans losing dangerous amounts of weight due to starvation

The South American country of Venezuela, infamously known for its wide reaching socialist policies that have left the country devastated, has reached a point where its citizens are losing almost 20 pounds due to their lack of food.

A 2016 study from La Encuesta Condiciones de Vida (Encovi) – in English, The 2016 Living Conditions Survey — conducted a survey of 6,500 families found that a little over 32 percent of Venezuelan households eat only once or twice everyday. 93.3 percent said their income does not support their costs for food, and thus they have resorted to cheaper foods such as vegetables. Namely potatoes.

Due to this, almost 75 percent of the Venezuelan population has lost an average of 19 pounds.

Additionally, ten percent of the nation’s children have stopped attending classes due to lack of food, and helping their household acquire food by holding their parent’s place in food lines.

Due to the socialist policies enacted by President Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela has seen a catastrophic lack of everything from medicine and food, to basic products such as toilet paper. Any charitable help sent to the country, such as medicine, is snatched up by the government. Due to the lack of things such as baby formula and diapers, women have taken to sterilizing themselves so as not to bring in another mouth to feed.

According to Fox News, bags have been found at Venezuelan dumps that sport the remains of animals such as cats, dogs, donkeys, and flamingos that people have killed and eaten in order to keep from starving.

Venezuelan dog
Venezuelan dog

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  1. Oh, but this is a Bolivarian thing–we wouldn’t understand. No matter how bad things may look, remember the classic Castro mantra: Vamos bien. Or, if you prefer, Hasta la victoria siempre!. Or something to that effect. You don’t see the other Latrines tearing their hair and rending their garments, do you? There’s a reason for that. Now move along.

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