Photo of the Day: Obama’s Ignored Anti-Cuban Xenophobia


Cuban “migrants” excluded from the U.S. due to President Obama’s xenophobic anti-Cuban executive order wait in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, for entrance to the U.S.

These Cubans aren’t giving up, but the Mexican government might round them up and send them back to Castrogonia at any moment.

In most cases, these Cubans fear for their lives, since Castro, Inc. tends to be very rough on those who try to escape unsuccessfully.

If they escape successfully, earn money abroad, and return loaded with cash and gifts…well… that’s a different story.

Okay, again we ask: Where is the outrage?

Why aren’t American news outlets featuring stories on these aliens cruelly excluded by Obama?

Where are all the stories about broken families, shattered dreams, or the dismal and tragic consequences of dictatorial presidential executive orders?

And, by the way, where are the spell-checkers in this crowd?

For more on these desperate Cubans go HERE (in Spanish)…

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Obama’s Ignored Anti-Cuban Xenophobia”

  1. I’m finding it hard to empathize with these people. I don’t want to paint everyone with a broad stroke of the brush, but up until Obama ended Wet-foot/Dry-foot, you did not hear anyone say that they were coming over to escape tyranny. They were all saying in unison, when asked, we’re coming over for a better life, to get a job, to support my family back home, etc… Some were even saying that they had no political problems in Cuba. And there are just far too many recent arrivals who go back to Cuba within the year and fill the stadiums in Miami to the brim whenever the Van Van’s or other groups visit Miami. Yes, I’m finding it hard to empathize with these people and wonder if their suddenly anti-castroism is not out of convenience?

  2. The point here is that there is a glaring double-standard, which is nothing new or surprising, but the blatant obviousness of it illustrates how brazen the usual suspects are. They know we know, since we’d have to be retarded not to notice it, but they just carry on as if such hypocrisy were perfectly normal. Alas, strictly speaking, it is “normal.”

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